When the sky starts to fall I’ll reach for my Umbrella

  Hillary Clinton lost, despite having nearly 3 million more votes she lost. Like a lot of Americans I was in shock. I turned off the news and limited my time on Social Media.  In addition to the fake news, the news coming from my  friends depressed me.  It was Bad Trump twenty four seven.Continue reading “When the sky starts to fall I’ll reach for my Umbrella”

Opinion: Dems Sit in good, But……..

To hear, “We shall Overcome” warmed the heart of this seasoned rabble rouser.  I’m not sure I want Nancy Pelosi to have a solo-she’s good as a distant background singer. Polls indicate a vast majority of Americans want background checks. According to CNN/ORC  poll released monday  90% of Americans support background checks.  92% of AmericansContinue reading “Opinion: Dems Sit in good, But……..”

Dear Paul Ryan, I’m not a Mexican

I’m a black man from the great state of California.  When I was a young man, some of my employers would tell me how exceptional I was as a black man.  How different I was, at the time I felt special “EXCEPTIONAL” I was better than those other blacks. As I matured, I realized beingContinue reading “Dear Paul Ryan, I’m not a Mexican”

Electric Swamp Sandwich

It sucks, Sucks, I MEAN Really Sucks 2 B U ! (Photo: Newsweek)               He said What! Your Fffing Kidding me Right?                      Oh F***, F***,F*** After many weeks of Hand Wringing, Paul Ryan finally endorses Donald Trump and then DonaldContinue reading “Electric Swamp Sandwich”

I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump

  This is Susana Martinez, she is the first Hispanic female Governor ever elected in the United States. She is currently Governor of the State of New Mexico. She is also a Republican.  The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 47.0% of the total 2012 population was Hispanic or Latino of any race, the highest ofContinue reading “I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump”

GOP’s white-on-white war: Shutdown ruptures party’s all-white coalition

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor (Credit: AP/Alex Brandon) BY: Brian Beutler/Salon On Wednesday, the bottom fell out of the GOP’s Hail Mary “shut down the government over Obamacare” strategy. Perhaps not coincidentally, it was also the day that the party’s leaders tried to revise and soften the terms of the fight — to make itContinue reading “GOP’s white-on-white war: Shutdown ruptures party’s all-white coalition”

Paul Ryan to Women: Rape and incest or“health of the mother” No Abortions! “But forget all that; I’m the #2 guy on the ticket”

Abortion is a bad word this week after the comments by Missouri state Senate candidate Todd Akin made the comment of women being able to shut down    (““If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”). Ladies,( I bow my head) there are some menContinue reading “Paul Ryan to Women: Rape and incest or“health of the mother” No Abortions! “But forget all that; I’m the #2 guy on the ticket””

Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women

  BY ZERLINA MAXWELL There is something missing in all the talk about the Paul Ryan pick. The focus has been on his economic views and his proposed budget, which would end Medicare as we know it. We need to start talking about his extreme views on women’s rights and social issues. Ryan may come off asContinue reading “Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women”

What’s the matter with white people?

As the GOP loses its grip, it’s got one loyal constituency. Will white America go down with the ship? A line of people waiting to register at a career fair in San Diego. One of the burdens of blackness, W.E.B. DuBois famously wrote, was facing down an omnipresent question from the wider society: “How doesContinue reading “What’s the matter with white people?”