6 Lethal Selfies You Need to Learn From

Take a selfie or die trying? If you’re not careful, taking a selfie could be the last thing you do. By: Sascha Segan/PC MAGAZINE  Selfies can be a scourge. I like mobile technology more than most people, but sometimes you really have to put down the phone. This week, the National Transportation Safety Board blamedContinue reading “6 Lethal Selfies You Need to Learn From”

Getting Hacked Is in Your Future

A lot of what’s coming is not going to improve life at all. It’ll just make it easier to rob you By: John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine The latest cyber threat is a new piece of programmable malware called Regin. The media has approached the discovery of this code from various perspectives. Most believe itContinue reading “Getting Hacked Is in Your Future”

Fastest Mobile Networks for 2014

PC Magazine Tests-Which carrier is the best for fast mobile data where you live? We hit 30 U.S. cities to test speeds on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Here’s what they found. BY SASCHA SEGAN , PCMAG STAFF Verizon’s new XLTE network is as fast as lightning, but that’s not why it wins theContinue reading “Fastest Mobile Networks for 2014”

Who has the Fastest Mobile Networks 2012

PCMag hit the road to test 3G and 4G networks in 30 U.S. cities. Before you buy your next phone or tablet, find out which wireless carrier has the fastest data network where you live. By Sascha Segan, PCMag Staff With more than half of all U.S. mobile phone buyers picking smartphones, we’re all relying heavily onContinue reading “Who has the Fastest Mobile Networks 2012”