What Is the Average Penis Size? Science Has the Answer

GETTY IMAGES From: Men’s Health/April 2018 When erect, average penis size swells to 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in circumference. Penis size is one of the most common sources of insecurity for men. Though how much you’re packing downstairs is in no way indicative of one’s character, many perceive this to be theContinue reading “What Is the Average Penis Size? Science Has the Answer”

Adventures in Online Dating 2014C : “8 inches” Is that American?

From misleading measurements to old photos, unkept performance promises,all purpose lies and more. The net is the easiest place in the world to assume an identity. Relative newcomers to the net are shocked.  Some long termed users are disillusioned and bitter. Super long term users have learned (when it comes to personal relationships) to navigate the choppy waters and to have a senseContinue reading “Adventures in Online Dating 2014C : “8 inches” Is that American?”

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace just couldn’t let go……….

When ,Antonio Marquis Williams of Tampa , Florida said  “did not want another relationship at this time” Laquavia Sharelle wasn’t hearing it.  After all they share a child. What happened next is a little blurry, especially if your Antonio.   Laquavia Sharelle grabbed Antonio’s penis and wouldn’t let go causing Antonio a great deal of discomfort . The police was called, Antonio refused toContinue reading “Laquavia Sharelle Wallace just couldn’t let go……….”

Penis size does matter to women: study

THE eternal question of whether penis size matters has been probed by a team of international scientists who, after questioning 105 Australians, found that, yes, women do find larger men more attractive. What’s more, prehistoric women who could see the sex organs of their scantily clad male counterparts may have helped influence the evolution ofContinue reading “Penis size does matter to women: study”

Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis

Although I have lost quite  a bit of weight I still have a long way to go.   So I am back at the gym.  Last year I joined a discount Gym in Natomas  8 miles away.   This price was good and the facilities  was well equipped  but there are no showers, which meant if IContinue reading “Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis”

AND!!!! you have a small Penis!

Nineteen year old Brittany Siler went there……  She couldn’t just walk away.   She went for the juggler…   “YOUR PENIS IS SMALL” Not da Penis! Well, this sent her soon to be ex boyfriend twenty year old Tyler Marshall over the top.  Tyler slapped and bit the tip of her nose  (yes, her nose!)Continue reading “AND!!!! you have a small Penis!”

The Most Dangerous Lubes For Men

Using lubricants may increase your vulnerability to STIs, reports a study set to be published in the January issue of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. For 2 years, researchers monitored subjects who were engaging in anal sex and found that those who were using lubricant had an 8.3 percent greater risk of catching STIs than those who wereContinue reading “The Most Dangerous Lubes For Men”