Federal Funding For Coronavirus Testing Ends?

Which way is up? What way is down?   In a nation where less than 10 percent of its citizens have been tested and over 350,000 Americans have the Corona Virus as of this posting.  Why would the Federal Government discontinue funding for Covid-19 Testing. A health care worker talks with a patient at a COVID-19Continue reading “Federal Funding For Coronavirus Testing Ends?”

He was PASSED out in PITTSBURG wearing PINK lingerie

Some days, its one thing after another  It can just piss you off! People messing with you, the one day you thought you’d be cute in some pink lingerie. But there you are . Passed out in an intersection with your pants downs with your penis in your hands IN front of a bus stop.Continue reading “He was PASSED out in PITTSBURG wearing PINK lingerie”

Gobble Gobble Gobble: You Started Thanksgiving Dinner without me? Where is my knife?

By CityFella 47 year old Jack-Lyn Blake of Wilkes-Barre,Pennsylvania was pissed #pissed!  When she discovered  Benjamin Smith  had started eating without her. What!!  Its on baby?  “The chase” Jack-Lyn grabbed various sharp items and started chasing Benjamin around the dinner table. A lil background Jack-Lyn and Benjamin were arguing earlier in the day.  Jack-Lyn got herContinue reading “Gobble Gobble Gobble: You Started Thanksgiving Dinner without me? Where is my knife?”

102 year old Violent Stalker?

That is what 65 year old Michael Pavelek told a Neshannock Township ,Pennsylvania Police officer who was called to Jameson Care Center Saturday. Pavelek said as he walking his mother down the hallway,  102 year old Ruth Houston started following him in her wheelchair hitting him and kicking him and he simply put his foot up inContinue reading “102 year old Violent Stalker?”

“I had four affairs. It was all about the sex.”

Wendy Plump talks to about her controversial memoir of infidelity Plump has experienced life as both the cheater and the cheatee; the scorned wife and the other woman. In 18 years of marriage she conducted four affairs, three early on before she had children. Her husband Bill, in turn, betrayed her with several women. TheirContinue reading ““I had four affairs. It was all about the sex.””