Why some people are always late

BY:  Laura Clay/BBC Confession: I am a late person. At least, one in recovery. In fact, I’ve repeatedly, and embarrassingly, missed the deadline for this article. I’d love to pretend this is some journalistic form of ‘method’ acting. It is not. I know I’m not alone. We all know that person: there’s the child minderContinue reading “Why some people are always late”

It isn’t always about Race

I was watching a Bravo show with a friend a few nights ago.   One of the characters on this New York City based reality show was arrested. Sobbing she tells her friend the story. The cab she hailed went in the wrong direction and driver ignored her directions. Angry and frustrated , she insistedContinue reading “It isn’t always about Race”

Black like me

By: Belinda Shange/Mail & Guardian(Johannesburg,South Africa) In a “post-racial” era one would think that colourism — discrimination based on one’s skin tone — is no longer an issue. You would think that such a phenomenon is a childhood memory where one was relegated to the periphery of the playground having been marked as mnyamane(blackie), tar baby, nkwishela (equivalentContinue reading “Black like me”

UAE:Parents drag kids to court for revenge

By:Ahmed Shaaban/Khaleej Times Dubai A divorced mother who taught her daughter to dance and then posted private pictures of the girl online in order to blackmail the girl’s father is one of the 63 family disputes seen this year by the RAK Courts.   Jassim Al Makki , Head of the Family Counseling Section atContinue reading “UAE:Parents drag kids to court for revenge”

FIRST: Jason Collins

A few weeks ago my daughter and I saw 42, the movie about Jackie Robinson .   It was a very moving  as I know the loneliness and the ongoing emotional line one walks when he is the first. The first person stands straight, he or she measures their words because we know the expectations, we knowContinue reading “FIRST: Jason Collins”

A true sisterhood -Real Life Ya Yas

 When the “Ya Yas” were in high school, they hid boys’ shoes in the oven in case their party was busted. Although decades have passed, the seven women still laugh as they recall that night and many others like it. From third through sixth grade, the Ya Yas were taught by Vivian Broberg, top right.Continue reading “A true sisterhood -Real Life Ya Yas”

One third of Swiss workers in part-time jobs

A third of employees in Switzerland work part-time, a new report from the Federal Office of Statistics has found. According to the report, only the Netherlands has a higher rate with 49.1 percent of its population in part-time work, while Switzerland has 33.7 percent, newspaper Tribune de Genève reported. Approximately 77 percent of women agedContinue reading “One third of Swiss workers in part-time jobs”

Little Clouds

I went into my office (Alhambra Safeway) this afternoon, trying my darnedest to avoid the afternoon dinner rush.   A glance at my blackberry said too late.    The cart runner in her bright orange safety vest could just keep up with the demand. People pushing their carts (without power steering) looking every where except whereContinue reading “Little Clouds”