Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers

The Question is will go global before it goes National ?  Will the be an outlet in Dubai before Detroit ?   In the the last few years In and Out with its cult following has opened up Pop up Shops in London and a few other international cities with very favoralble results.  In Australia, InContinue reading “Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers”

Perth, Australia sets new world record for Krispy Kreme sales

Favian Lin was first in line at the opening of Perth’s first Krispy Kreme store. IF the Olympic rings were made of doughnuts, Perth would get a gold medal. By: Calla Wahlquist/Perth Now Perth folk have won the illustrious world record for most doughnuts purchased on the first day of Krispy Kreme trade, replacing theContinue reading “Perth, Australia sets new world record for Krispy Kreme sales”

Bruno Mars Saves the World

By CityFella Okay, I wanted retribution.  Seattle kicked the Niner’s ass and even though I actually like the Seahawks I wanted Broncos to send those bird beaks packing to their emerald habitat.      But the Broncos didn’t show up in New Jersey, yes their bodies were present, but they left their game in Denver.Continue reading “Bruno Mars Saves the World”

Roller Derby is hot in Australia

How old are you? A billion years ago, I followed the careers of the blonde bombshell  Joan Weston and Charlie O’ Conner of the San Francisco Bay Bombers.  I was fan one.  Some of the players recognized me as I always arrived early and stayed late to get autographs from my favorite players.  Where everContinue reading “Roller Derby is hot in Australia”