Australia: Married men are happier than married women

By: Wendy Tuohy/Perth Now When a 10-year study of Australians in live-in heterosexual relationships finds married and de facto men are happier with their situation than the women they live with are, then we want answers. Lots of them. The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey will have many women lying awakeContinue reading “Australia: Married men are happier than married women”

Perth, Australia sets new world record for Krispy Kreme sales

Favian Lin was first in line at the opening of Perth’s first Krispy Kreme store. IF the Olympic rings were made of doughnuts, Perth would get a gold medal. By: Calla Wahlquist/Perth Now Perth folk have won the illustrious world record for most doughnuts purchased on the first day of Krispy Kreme trade, replacing theContinue reading “Perth, Australia sets new world record for Krispy Kreme sales”

His wife is a real Doll

Davecat and Sidore at home. Photo: Davecat. Source: Supplied Source: Supplied By Rebecca Sullivan/Perth Now   THIS is the story of a man and his doll. Davecat bought his now wife from the Abyss Creations website 13 years ago. He saved for a year and a half to buy a $6000 RealDoll, who he named Sidore Kuroneko.Continue reading “His wife is a real Doll”

Australia Grants Asylum to Student over Facebook Posting

AUSTRALIA has granted asylum to a Bangladeshi man who feared he’d be killed if sent home to face charges over comments he posted about his prime minister on Facebook. Muhammad Ruhul Amin Khandaker was accused of sedition over comments he posted on the social networking website last year lamenting the car crash death of BangladeshiContinue reading “Australia Grants Asylum to Student over Facebook Posting”