RHOA# S10 ep7 “That Collect Call From Yo Man in Prison”

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A big heartfelt thanks to the readers who have stuck it out with me throughout the years.  You have asked for it and the old format is back.  I was trying to go high, but it seems you like it tacky and tasteless.

Kandi sees the Lake Bailey house for the first time.  Kenya joins them fresh from her grandmothers funeral.  We learned hubby joined her, or so she says.  Cynthia catches her up on the mess in  San Francisco.  While she defended Kenya, it DID bother her that the meeting, engagement, and wedding took place without her, and they are Besties.

De-nile is not just a river ! It took Sheree nearly ten years  to turn a pile a dirt once known as NEVERLAND  into Chateau Sheree or by its real name Chateau Thelma.   So she in an expensive store with Porsha frontin for the cameras saying her unfinished basement is gonna be dope, with a theater, a sauna, a spa, and a wine cellar  The delusional woman is looking at ONE DOOR that costs 8 grand..     Even Porsha, who confused China and Japan, questioned Sheree!   Sheree you need to stop!  JUST STOP! and  Keep making payments on your layaway at BIG LOTS in Decatur so you can fill another room. 

Atlanta’s thickest Vegan, Porsha wants to be hooked up. WITH A MAN? (for now!)  Our Resident Scholar, has hired some wemen to find her a man.   They asked to take a tour of Porsha’s Palace to get a sense of who she is.  Porsha, bought the house ready made for a family complete with a predesigned boys and girls room and a swing set in the backyard. She fails to see how the home might intimidate a man.  Can you just see it, after the first date the man asks, do you have children? and Porsha responds, no but WE WILL! 

There is still some heat and business between Peter and Cynthia.  They meet at a construction site where Peter is gonna build Bar one or Bar Two in Atlanta.  Cynthia owns 25%.   Sexy Sexy isn’t dressed for construction, she is dressed for sex.  This isn’t lost on Peter, who says she makes 50 looks like 32.  The heat is so hott ,if the camera’ weren’t there they would be against a cool wall..  (A mind wonders) 

Kandi is still feeling like a bad mom, because.(who cares! moving on!) Do we want talk about the mother and daughter outing no!  (yawn) 

Sheree finally had THE TALK with her kids about domestic violence.  I know your like me.  The episode was ON, reviewed by bloggers on you tube podcasts on Entertainment Tonight.  Hell Putin, knew Bob was jumping on Sheree.  And her kids didn’t know?  One of her children said Bob tried to talk to her about, but she wasn’t feeling it.   Sheree said one of the reasons she didn’t tell, is she was trying to protect Bob.  Even with the cameras on its clear that her children love her.  Case closed.


The Main Event 

Kandi Morphs into Mama Joyce and the Streets are Tawkin! 

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The dates of Cynthia.  We are yet another date with the handsome Will Jones and Sexy Cynthia.   This time with Kandi and Todd  joining them on a boat ride.   Kandi is happy that Cynthia is dating and getting freaky, but she is also very protective of Cynthia and her celebrity status.   Kandi says that in Atlanta, “There’s a lot of people who fake it ’til they make it  So, STAY WOKE. ”   From the moment, they sat down, Kandi grilled Will like a cheap pork chop.  She was relentless and knew stuff. she found out that he was once on a dating episode of  The Steve Harvey Show.  Her sources said he was on another dating show. and Kandi basically wanted to know why a successful man would be on these show?   IF MAMA JOYCE WAS THERE SHE WOULD BE SO PROUD. Kandi had home cheese on the ropes. “I’m not an opportunist, he said”  Mama Kandi isn’t sure, and he better watch his ass, cause Kandi is connected with the Old Lady Gang, and Aunt Bertha know how to handle meat. 

Bravo is so trashy and we love it.   On the front of the boat the women are chatting, in the rear the men.    Cynthia has been divorced from Peter for more than a year now and Kandi wants to know who’s hitting it?  She learns it aint Will.  Cynthia says, that she doesn’t want to get serious with him and then find out the sex isn’t good, but she also doesn’t want to have sex too early.  Kandi comes back and said what if you get together and he has a lil dick?   Yikes!!!   Kandi says  to check out the thickness of his hands and our Trashy Bravo zooms into his hand.  hmmmm? 


Porsha’s Date of Death!!!

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Blind dates are scary.  Its like a mystery gift.  Your either gonna love it or…….

Porsha told the matchmaker she was down for anything including interacial dating.  The horny Vegan was sexy for her date.  ON the phone she learns her date is wearing jeans while she is sexy as she wants to be.  Perhaps that was a sign.  When Porsha walkins in and sees him, she freeks out a little and makes a u-turn like ooooh shit. Home cheese wasnt uggly, he was just a bit plain.  But she was there.  She meets him and makes up some lie about her mother living with her and that she needed to leave in an half an hour. 

Dude was just stupid, it was textbook.  This is how you fuck up a first date!  From telling Porsha  that she didnt have a huge ego cause most good looking women do.  To suggesting she drink ,so maybe SHE would loosen up.   He was a simply a dumbfuck and Porsha left that resturant and him on to Freedomland. 


When Yo Man calls collect from Prison!

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Jack Daniels, (yep dats his name) Sheree’s life coach comes over for an update.  He say’s Sheree is glowing!   She tells him, she has told her children about the abusive relationship. Jack D is happy.   RING!  You have a collect call from a correctional facility.  (well thats awkward?)  Sheree excuses herself to chat with TYRONE, her locked up SOULMATE!    Sheree is head overheels in LOVE.  She cooes when TYRONE talks to her  and makes plans for the future.  (Like he has anything else to do, the Bitch is in PRISON. He gots hours and hours to think about the future.)     Sheree choose her masters ,cause she’s paying for both the, collect call and Jack Daniels. (The man not da drink)   Off the phone, she tells Jack D she is in love and he his happy 4 her. UNTIL! she says he’s in PRISON.   Jack Daniels face drops a little and his expression is like. SAY WHAT?   Sheree gushes as she’s says “I love him and I love how he treats me. I love the communcations that we have.     Like what the fuck?   I love Sheree, but we need the OLG gang to give her some ligon. BTW, where is Thelma in all this?  Bitch you probably the only one taking collect calls from his azz?   Sure he’s gonna treat you well, hell if you didn’t talk to him, he’d be force to watch Ellen! 

After giving him some background. Jack D asks what’s going to happen when he gets out? But Sheree’s gone… OOOOOh its going to be beautiful, were gonna see each other without glass or guards (she didnt say that). and were gonna touch each other and la la la la la, la la la la.

TYRONE, hopes to be out of da BIG HOUSE the end of this year . But if that doesn’t happen he will be in for four more years.  TYRONE (more gush) makes her happier than ANY man ever has! Lawd, please call your mamas and aunties, we got to get our prayer circles on for Sheree.  The women is lost and that phone bill!   

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion Pt 3 “All Roads Lead to Phaedra”

It took two long hours to get tonight and Damm it was Good!  GOOD!!!

Couples Update and Peter

It is very clear to me Bob Whitfield would rather be at a day care at a day care facility hand washing diapers ,than to be on the show last night.  He apologized to Sheree for his violent words when they were married. “I made myself the man and kept her behind me,” he said, “when I should have had her beside me.”  Neither he and Sheree have talked to their children about the violence in their relationship.    Cast members like him and was surprised to see that side of him.  Peter said, if he didn’t know Bob,he would have punched him.

Andy asked Todd, his impressions of Riley’s bio dad, Block.  Todd said, he initially thought Block was full of shit but Block is keeping his word and meeting with Riley.

I’ve always thought that Peter Thomas was closest to Nene when it comes to his no nonsense  attitude and his love for his wife Cynthia.   Last night, Peter was sad and angry.

When Andy asked Peter and Cynthia if they were dating.  Cynthia said she dated someone and quickly downplayed the dating.   Peter on the other hand was fronting big time.  He said there was someone he liked a lot.   If you looked close you saw man who’s heart was broken with tears in his eyes and despite his words he said he will ALWAYS love Cynthia.

Peter had nothing but rage toward Porsha and Phaedra.  Porsha has long accused Peter of having affairs. A one point Peter, talked over Andy Cohen, and asked why was Todd not there and insisted he be there ! Then he went after Phaedra.  Do you have the whole package? A husband and a family?  No, Phaedra replied.  Life is full of disappointments baby!    Peter abruptly left the stage as he exited he said “Phaedra and Porsha are full of shit”

Bones and the Bone Carrier

Sheree has clearly earned her peach back and relishes her role as the bone carrier.    Sheree keeps the ladies real, at the end of the day, their gonna see/hear what happens.  The ladies rarely question Sheree.

 The Heat!

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing Shamea Morton to the reunion sofa

Shamea Morton has Phaedra to thank for her appearance as she suggested that Shamea  Kandi and Todd was having an affair.   Shamea was Porsha’s best friend and Kandi’s friend however that relationship slowed when Porsha became friends with Phaedra.

Shamea went hard on Phaedra.  She called Phaedra a Southern belle today and hooker tomorrow,” and told Porsha dont leave your credit card and Id because is into fraudulent activity (the crime Phaedra’s ex in prison for) and to stop using Groupon for her plastic surgery’

The big question is why did Phaedra let her good friend Porsha take the fall for her mess?

 They brought Todd back to confirm Porsha’s coming on to Kandi.   There were two kisses between Kandi and Porsha asked if they would go back to her hotel.  Todd said Kandi (who was sober) declined and said it wasn’t a good idea.

Needing clarity, Andy wanted to know why Phaedra said Kandi and Shamea was sleeping together.   Phaedra said, because they were close.   When asked if she and Porsha were sleeping together or if she and Kandi were sleeping together because they were once were close, Phaedra said no.     In a sad desperate attempt. Phaedra asked all the ladies if they heard the rumors, they all including Porsha said no.

Porsha’s Memory Lapse

At one point Andy addresses an open letter written to him from the Huffington Post about  the homophobic way this show deals with these women accusing each other of being lesbians all the time.  Porsha says she is not homophobic, she supports Gays etc, etc, etc,  Someone reminds her of an anti gay statement she made a few years ago

The Bomb! 

Andy asked, why would Porsha say Kandi and Todd tried to drug her?

Porsha gave us one when she said she is in the world of Journalism.


She reports on the news and they like to make sure it’s accurate.”

Porsha joins the ranks of Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.

Why did she say that about Kandi?

“I was served a Cease and Desist by Kandi,” she Porsha said,  “What I want to do is have Phaedra speak, because she’s the one who told me Kandi said that.”


Phaedra is the source of the rumor.   She is the one who said, Kandi and Todd drugged Porsha. 



The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Ep19- “Presenting the Side Chick”

Season 9 has been one of the worst for RHOA.   The story lines has been fairly weak and it may be time for a cast shake up much like RHONY a few seasons back.

 Who should stay? Who should leave?  

I love Sheree Whitfield, and I want her to move into the Chateau, before one or more of the contractors take it from her.  I like her brand of spice, but story line?   Then there is the delicious Cynthia Bailey, of late she has been the sanity island is a bay of crazy but where is her storyline, now that Peters gone?     Porsha (Frack) Williams, baby and with the drama with Kandi in the books after the reunion, what’s next ?Then there is Frick,(Phaedra Parks) her story line has flatlined this season.   Kandi Burress alone is fair, but she has a solid supporting team from her ,Mama Joyce who could morph into Monster Joyce at any time, to her staff and other family members.    Kenya Moore knows how to stay relevant, she seems to be able to create her story line.  I’m not a fan but she holds her own.

Last night we discovered a friendship beginning between Kenya and Sheree who is determined to move into the Chateau even if it bores us to tears and kills her.  The two talked about their relationships Bob and Todd, moving on.

Kandi and Todd are stressed over condition of the Old Lady Gang restaurant before the soft opening with friends and family.   Todd is extra sensitive about the project and stubborn, he seems to reject any help from Kandi and her more than capable staff.  Kandi wants everything on point. She knows how vicious the ladies can be.  Adding another layer of stress is the fact the restaurant is hundred thousand over budget.

Todd, fetches Peter from the airport.  Peter is in town to support the Todd in the soft opening of the OLG restaurant.   They briefly talk about Apollo, who calls them in (evil side eye) in the truck.      In the truck, Apollo tells them of his side chick  (the two seem genuinely surprised) like dude, who is this woman, this one of the guards?   Noooo, this is real live lady.  WHO, he is going to send to the party to support them.   Really?  The woman he calls an upgrade.

After getting the side chick out of the way.  Home Cheese Nida, asked if Peter and Todd had seen his sons?   Todd, kept it real, with Kandi and Phaedra on the outs, he doesn’t see them and isn’t likely to see them until he is released.

Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce

‘It’s been real nasty, you know? When Phaedra came up here to visit me she told me everything was put on hold ’cause maybe deep down inside she might not want a divorce. ‘Then I got served the divorce papers saying she went ahead and proceeded forwards.’   Peter asked him if he felt Phaedra had ‘tricked’ him

‘Hell yeah. You know, they’re trying to rule in her favor. So right now I’m trying to fight that,’ said Apollo as he threatened to fight the whole thing through divorce court.’She has been playing me for who knows how long. I don’t even feel like she really loved me anyway. This is not how you treat someone you love,’ Apollo said.

Peter called her a con-artist.

Cynthia and Peters Divorce

Cynthia tells her daughter Noelle and Kenya her divorce to Peter is final.  There was/is real love between the two.  Cynthia nearly 50 knows she isn’t built for marriage and Peter is heartbroken.   Peter drives by the home they shared and is teary eyed.  At the party Peter is clearly moved and tries to avoid Cynthia.

Frick and Frack

Together they are hilarious.  Phaedra and Porsha.  Kandi invited Phaedra to the soft opening but she preferred to spend her birthday with frack.

Presenting the Side Chick 

The soft opening was a success.  Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha is there. Missing is Mama Joyce who arrived late with her own bit of shade (but its Mama Joyce) the sisters agreed to wear white shirts and black slacks Joyce came in her own frock saying she didn’t get the memo.  (Shade)

Boom, I’m here,’ she said as she walked in to show support on behalf of Apollo.  The ladies looked at her as if to say, yeah Bitch! Who in the fuck are you?   Kenya, moved, she made a beeline to sit near Todd, so she could hear everything clearly.   On camera Todd said What am I supposed to do with this chick?’ I don’t want any problems.   Homey, you gone have problems with your wife!

Sidebar: The women I know would have tag teamed her ass. There would have been bits of weave throughout the restaurant.  Kandi and Phaedra aren’t cool but they are bonded.

When Sherien (the side chick) sat down with the Kandi. Kandi and Todd wanted to know how long she’s been the side chick?  Basically she wanted to know when this started?  ‘We found love, let’s put it that way’  Saying she and Apollo had been friends for four years.

Kandi then asked her if they ‘became more than friends’ before or after Apollo was jailed.  The side chick (matter of factly said) ‘Wifey wan’t around so I was there more than she was,’  ‘He’s been away for two years. She’s only been there twice,

Sidebar: Couldn’t you see the old lady gang pushing over the tables to give the side chick an old skol whoppin! But the cameras were on.

Now where ever prison Apollo’s in. They a very liberal inmate phone policy. 

Apollo calls, and tells the women he was STILL in process of getting divorced.  Everyone was taken aback.  Kandi said, This Just feels messy.  ‘I always thought you were a cool person but at the same time I feel awkward meeting your girlfriend, even though you are nice,’ 

‘I’m sick of Phaedra’s alternative facts, AKA lies. After she flipped the script on me in Hawaii, I just don’t believe anything she says ever,’ said Kenya.

Next Week is the Finale, Kim Zolciak returns …..

Beginning this week, we will Review Season 9 of Real Housewives of New York

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 ep17 Aloha and Goodbye

I’m gonna get it out of the way, I am liking Kenya Moore, and no this isn’t drug or alcohol induced.

Life in Maui has calmed down however things are not what they seem.Phaedra and Kenya are hanging out playing tennis. Cynthia and Peter are very romantic and  Sheree  is talking to Bob Whitfield.

Kenya and Phaedra are playing tennis Kenya is pleased with friendship and Phaedra is cautious. Phaedra is officially divorced, however for some reason she isn’t sharing this news with the other women, including Kenya only Porsha knows

The chemistry between Cynthia and Peter is undeniable.   Everyone think the two are kicking boots. However, divorce is odd, you don’t want to mislead the other  .So the two sleep in separate rooms. Peter commented on how “weird” it was being in the same hotel together but not the same room.  This happens to be Peters birthday and Cynthia  shows up at his room with food, drinks an a gift.    The moment is bittersweet as Peter painfully asks Cynthia if she was dating anyone and she said “not yet.   This opened the door to a heart to heart, they talked about what has gone wrong in the marriage.  Peter wondered if he was the cause, but Cynthia said she was the one who failed.   Cynthia’s  birthday gift to Peter was a binged out bible.     Okay?


Kandi and Todd’s epic fail. The two nudnics thought it would be FUN to roast Peter on his birthday.   The only person close to pulling this off wasn’t there, Nene Leaks.  I’m will not inflect the pain to those haven’t seen it.   MOOOOOVING ON!


Sheree and Bob put on a good face but it evident to others. I’ve been on the fence with Bob and Sheree.  There is a small spark between them. However Sheree seemed distant at times. So I thought maybe she was holding on to Bob for a storyline.     Bob is charming and perhaps it was his charm that attracted her.  She was attracted to that Bob, but the car incident reminded Sheree of the pain she endured as his wife.   On the boat, Bob tried his very best to make up with Sheree.    “I wanted to apologize,” he said. “You don’t even see anything wrong with you leaving and not calling the house for six months,” Sheree. “And then when you talked about you saw me without my seatbelt and you wanted to slam on the brakes and eject me from the car. To put harm on me, or death. It’s abuse. It’s mental abuse and then for you to make a joke of it — it’s just been like that the entire time.” Bob insisted he was a changed man, but Sheree said she wasn’t “buying it.”       Bob, “You want me to bleed myself right here? To slit my fucking wrists so you know I’m serious?”But he wasn’t getting it . She just wanted him to have “remorse” for what he did. He said he was remorseful, but Sheree was done, its a wrap.

One thing we learned.  Men have disappointed Sheree in the past and perhaps this is why Chateau Sheree is so important to her.  With the Chateau, she’s making her own dream come true.

I did say I’m liking Kenya Moore but its clear she’s never been divorced.  She thought she would throw a  Divorce Party for Cynthia and Phaedra.   Neither lady was into it. Cynthia played along but was not CELEBRATING.  Phaedra entered the room and was clearly not feeling it and unlike Cynthia was not going to be a good sport. Phaedra excused herself and left.  Kenya tried to keep it festive a game called ” Kiss the Penis”

While Cynthia was a good sport.Phaedra,  turned salty she told everyone she was sick and excused herself.  She WAS well enough to send Porsha a text about the party. (of course everyone knew it was Shadra ) and Porsha shared the text with the other ladies. “I’m good, but I’m appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband — disgusting and disgraceful,”   guess the Kenya, Porsha friendship hit a BUMP.  After the reading of the text, Porsha head to Phaedra’s room

Porsha trashes Kenya.  “I told you not to get close to that heifer,”    Within megaseconds Kenya knocks on the door.  Kenya was confused about why Phaedra was upset. “You’ve said so many times that you are in the best place that you have ever been,” Kenya said,

Phaedra  called her “trifling,” which she didn’t like that much.   Then Phaedra went back two years, TWO YEARS or more       Bring up a topic we all we were tired of…  about whether Kenya had inappropriately flirted with Phaedra’s ex-husband, Apollo.  REALLY ?SHADRA  REALLY?  Kenya,  “Do you blame me for your marriage breaking up?”  Phaedra said she didn’t, but that she did think Kenya “continuously flirted” with Apollo. “It’s just a whole other level of skanky.Kenya called Phaedra a hypocrite for leading her restoration service. “The only thing she has restored in me is knowing that she is as shady as she ever was,”  Folks its ovah!

Then frack (Porsha) goes back to the divorce party and tells everybody that Phaedra’s divorced was finalized.

OOH Frick (Phaedra) will NOT be pleased.


Hard Gossip: With RHOA reunion in the can.  Social Media is on fiya!  The roomah, is Porsha NOT Kenya may have slept with Phaedra’s ex Apollo.

Last week we see, Sheree Whitfield break down for the first time.



The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 E8 “Bosom Buddies”


Get your parasols and raincoats its about to get UGLY in the ATL. Give me a minute to get to the bottom of this  ugly nastiness. .

Cynthia 2.0 has a new house by the lake, soon to be single and 50 she  wants to tune up her tits. So she does what every women does, invites all her girls friends.    The first to arrive is her second bestie Kenya and the I’m always late Kandi.   Kandi, fresh from her explosive heart to heart for former bestie Phaedra.  Ask’s if Phaedra coming. After it was confirmed Kandi shares the discussion she had with Phaedra the day before with  Cynthia and Kenya. Kandi shares details of the discussion ,including some of Phaedra’s very private and personal information.  The ladies arrive, Phaedra greets everyone.  Someone ask the doctor if he could tell who’s breast were natural ,he correctly guested, however, Kenya insists her’s were natural. (cough-choke)

Cynthia daughter  Noelle meets with her soon to be ex step father Peter.  It seems during a divorce, no one ever ask the children. He’s been a large part of her life for nearly half her life. The two meets up at her yoga class and agree to stay in touch.

Kandi, drops 5k in Jeweley on her daughter Riley for her birthday.  Riley gets a call from her bio dad Block, who wants to meet with her. Kandi feels she should be alone with her bio dad.  Over cake, Kandi agrees to accompany her.

The things you learn

Porsha and friend Shemea takes a  “Yoni Egg” where a glass egg is inserted inside a womans……. to strengthen that mid region. Image result for yoni egg

Sheree, passes on the eggs, in, out, over ,easy, whateveh.  She is there to confirm Kandi’s rumors about Phaedra’s  supposed infidelity.  Who else would know other than Porsha, Phaedra’s new bestie.   Porsha said ,she didn’t know and says Kandi shouldn’t  be spreading rumors….its bad bad bad.

It’s about to get Ugly up in here!

You tell on me, I might just tell on you!

Porsha protects one friend and throws another one under THE BIG BUS!

Sheree and Porsha are salivating with Phaedra arrives. They have NEWS!   They review the infidelity rumors.    Phaedra act’s shocked (oh my word?)

Sheree takes it from there and asks Pheadra did she know how close Kandi and Shemea were?    Pheadra says Kandi and Shemea are sleeping together AND gets together with Kandi’s hubby Todd for some three ways.

Porsha’s not done!  She meets with Kandi,of course our court reporter Sheree is there.  Porsha is pissed!   Someone (cough-court reporter) brought up Porsha dating Kandi’s baby daddy Block, insinuating Porsha slept with him.  Porsha blamed Kandi for spreading the news, Kandi did not back down!

“You Did”    Running low on brain cells, Porsha attempts to tell Kandi how bad! bad! bad! it is to talk about Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship

Say it with me…..BOOM!!!!.

Kandi goes for it!  Kandi told Porsha. She and Phaedra haven’t been close in years AND any negativity about Phaedra is appropriate!

Kandi, suggest Phaedra is spreading rumors. Rumor that has cost her $$$$

Porsha, who has taken on Kenya and other women, stepped back on Kandi, knowing she was on TILT!   Porsha retreated, its wrong to spread a rumor with out proof.   Kandi  said Phaedra was chatting with another dude when Apollo FIRST went to jail! and YOU know what I know!   Porsha, with all her brain cells used up, tried, to look like she knew nothing! NOTHING!

Porsha wisely saved her life by not mentioning Phaedra’ lesbian story.  Kandi makes her leave.  This is the second time in a row we have seen Kandi(who really likes food) leaving a restaurant without so much as a piece of bread.

Porsha living on the edge.

BEFORE Kandi gets in her car, Porsha tells Shereé she believes Kandi is “in the closet’ Apparently Porsha isn’t all about the proof and that wasn’t lost on Sheree.

NOTE: Is Kandi justified in revealing Phaedra’s secrets?

Do you believe Phaedra is telling Kandi’s secrets off camera to protect her image?


Before you have a house party next week.  Check out the Previews.

I think Bravo is going to make us wait ……



Last Week

Sheree’s Boy is all grown up and the last nail seals if for a ffriendship


The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep5 Saving Chocolate Boys

Cynthia cakes and houses. Kenya cake, Atv’s and crazy boyfriends. Kandi and Todd, Mama Joyce, honey and handcuffs.  Phaedra Democrats and Grenades. Porsha clothes and hair. Sheree, police drugs and chocolate boys.  Its all about episode 5

Single Ladies got to hang by themselves 

Its Kenya and Cynthia in a cake store designing a cake for Matt’s birthday. In Kenya’s design she wants to make a replica of a Gucci belt Matt lost.  Perhaps it didn’t cross her mind to buy him another belt, but its the thought that counts right?  Cake 4 EveryBody!

Kenya is planning a couples ATV outing for Matt’s birthday and tells Cynthia being single she probably didn’t want to go anyway.  (Isn’t Kenya and Cynthia besties ? )  Kenya pours more salt into the wound  by inviting couples to the event as Cynthia .

Later, Cynthia and Noelle visits a large six bedroom home. Peter wants Cynthia to sell the home they shared.   While Peter doesn’t have a financial stake in the home, Cynthia views the move as a fresh start and places a bid on the 949k house.

Will The Old Lady Restaurant Damage Todd’s and  Kandi’s Marriage

Construction on the “Old Lady Gang” restaurant is way behind schedule and Kandi isn’t happy with the progress or Todd’s words about the progress.  Peter Thomas, Cynthia soon to be ex husband drop by .  He tells Todd that his marriage to Cynthia is over. Partly due to being in business together.  This makes Todd think about his marriage.

Mama Joyce comes over to baby sit, she can sense there is stress between the two and says they work hard especially Kandi.      She arranges alone time for the two. She has outfitted their bathroom with wine, sex toys and handcuffs.  Kandi seemed a little weirded out (who wouldn’t be) by her mothers encouragement and Mama Joyce takes it down another notch by asking to borrow Kandi’s revealing outfit she bought for Todd’s eyes only.  Todd applies honey to Kandi’s body and before the show becomes sex in Atlanta, we move on.

Missing at the AVT Park

Matt and Kenya, MATT and KENYA, matt and kenya.   Kenya has a secret, her man ani’t showing up for his birthday celebration.   The Manboy is pissed !  He saw an ancient picture of Kenya and Jay-z (she was in his video wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day)  this sent the Manchild into a tissy and he got on his Big Wheel and peddled off to California to see his big sis.  This is Kenya version anyway

Kandi, read through the tea leaves and asked Kenya to come clean. Where’s Matt?    Kenya still MADD for the boy asked the Senior Couple for advice. Yes, with Phaedra-Apollo and Cynthia and Peter divorcing. Todd and Kandi are the senior couple.   Kenya want to know how does their marriage work, with Kandi and her millions and Todd works

Saving the Chocolate Boys 

Phaedra has been invited to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, she asked Porsha to attend.  She was a member of a panel on gun violence  just before leaving to the conventions she learns another black man was killed by the police.

Back in Atlanta, Sheree gets a late night call from her 19 year old son Kairo.   Her son Kairo was arrested for a DUI. According to Kairo, he was smoking pot and got pulled over for an expired tag. She is worries how he will be treated by the law because of his skin color. She reminds him of when they attended a rally in Washington DC where parents who have lost their children to police violence. Where they heard mothers giving over their child’s deaths.  Good children, like Kairo who were killed at a young age.  She tells him  “You have to work harder. You have to be better,”

Sheree feels Kairo doesn’t get it and feels his father might be more effective.  Bob’s  opening statement, made her do a double take as he thinks medicinal marijuana is good and better than opioid’s and  he has a medical marijuana card. He recovers sort of by urging his son to never drive and smoke or spend time with people who condone it.

Back in Philadelphia we hear from  Jahvaris Fulton, older brother to Trayvon Martin and director of The Trayvon Martin Foundation,  who tells the panel, “There’s not one simple answer. It’s definitely a combination of you have to build relationships with police in the community and you have to ban semi-automatic weapons.”

Phaedra drives to see Apollo in prison. On route she learns— someone went to her office with a grenade to blow himself and the office Up!   She worries if someone knows where she lives?  Freaking out, she arranges a safe place for her kids and her mother who ultimately calms her through prayer.   Dammit Someone call Olivia Pope stat! 




The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 8 Reunion Part #2 Kenya WILL not B Ignored!

Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’m gonna begin  with the BEST line of the evening.

There are many people who read my reviews and are not fans of the show.  Thank you!              Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams(the ladies in the picture above) will Nevah! Nevah! Evah! be friends. If you see them alone together its because Bravo said to play nice. 

The two women were locked in a fight about who causes the most trouble on RHOA. (Kenya does hands down) Its an old tired fight, that should have ended two seasons ago.    Porsha brought up some “one-eyed African” with an eye patch. who is married!   Nasty!  Kenya supposedly dated.

Kenya Responds:

“You need to shut your mouth! Because if it’s not a Dick in it. Then you don’t know what your talking about!

_________________________________________________________________Last week I sensed Andy Cohen was irritated with Kenya Moore. Love her or hate da bitch!  Kenya is a relevant cast member of RHOA. Last night, she inserted herself in nearly every conversation, whether it involved her or not!

Not Bliss City!

What began as a nice misunderstanding turned ugly. It was a party thrown by Kenya for Cynthia.  Cynthia and Porsha ,fueled by drinks started fighting on the boat.   They quickly made up slow fade the end!

And Donald Trump is a natural blonde.

Porsha told Phaedra that she had bruises all over her body.  Cynthia was pissed that Porsha was spreading rumors about her husband Peter cheating on her.  Porsha didn’t deny it and simply said it was all over the web, and all over Atlanta.

When Peter joined the ladies, we learned that he and Cynthia were living apart.   Andy asks Cynthia if she visits Peter in Charlotte. She says “No.” Andy responds “It sounds like you two are separated.”  Andy asks Kenya what she thinks about the state of Peter and Cynthia’s marriage and Porsha says “I think a lot of things I don’t say   He is in Charlotte where his business is and she in Atlanta.  Porsha insisted that everybody knows Peter is cheating. Walk up to any girl who’s 19 years old.” Peter challenged her to name names if she thinks she knows anything.  Porsha didn’t say anything. Cynthia say’s  that she and Peter are “in a good place.”  (The Body Language Doesn’t)

Kenya’s Unlikely Defender

It’s easy to jump on or blame Kenya Moore for a lot of the drama on RHOA.  The reality is, she stirs up the shit!  It could be a church bake sale. Kenya would bring out her cauldron and before you know it , Sister Johnson is calling Sister Robinson a dried up old bitch!  If she’s caught she becomes the victim.

In Miami,a party turned ugly.   It began on a boat with Tammy and her nephew Glen Rice   (Click the link below for more background on Mr Rice) Kenya invited Rice and others to join the party as it moved indoors.

When Andy asked the ladies  who felt threatened by Glen’s behavior at the party; only Kandi and Kenya raise their hands.

Kenya flirted with  Glen who by all accounts was into Sheree.  Alcohol turned Glen Rice into a beast.  First he verbally attacked a very pregnant Kandi and referred to the women as bitches.  Things got violent when Kenya asked him to leave.  Security was called and Tammy who was drunk off her ass was accidentally knocked out by her nephew.

The ladies blamed Kenya, Porsha said  Kenya should have asked security to ask him to leave, and then she says it was Kenya who invited Glen in the first place, and then Phaedra says that Kenya “wanted” him. and the ladies weren’t open to any thing else.

Kandi and Kenya are not friends.    But she angrily deafened  Kenya.   ‘She didn’t slap him, she didn’t hit him, she didn’t even call him out his name. So y’all are just pacifying it like he didn’t even do anything, and I cannot believe y’all are acting like that was okay!” Yes, she does some crazy stuff, but in this situation, she was justified: “He should never have aggressively turned around, started throwing up gang signs like he was fixing to do something. It shouldn’t have happened.!”     Why y’all biting y’all tongues now!   

Kandi Shut it Down!

Last Week A Bitch Was Born!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 1 “A B**** is Born!”

Next Week

Nene and the Men join the ladies. Bring your Biscuits cause it looks juicy!

Thank for following see ya Next week



 **** There is a rumor out there that Bravo has asked Nene Leakes to return.  With a fat payday of 2.5 million.    Cash yo checks girl!!

Kim Field said she wasn’t returning.   If Sheree get her peach back and Nene returns.  Is there room for Kenya Moore, or was bossman Andy just irritated with her?

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