Gurl Bye: Phaedra Parks Fired from #RHOA

It’s official, Shadra Parks is gone.    The drugging rumor was too much for Bravo.

Gurl Bye

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion Pt 3 “All Roads Lead to Phaedra”

It took two long hours to get tonight and Damm it was Good!  GOOD!!!

Couples Update and Peter

It is very clear to me Bob Whitfield would rather be at a day care at a day care facility hand washing diapers ,than to be on the show last night.  He apologized to Sheree for his violent words when they were married. “I made myself the man and kept her behind me,” he said, “when I should have had her beside me.”  Neither he and Sheree have talked to their children about the violence in their relationship.    Cast members like him and was surprised to see that side of him.  Peter said, if he didn’t know Bob,he would have punched him.

Andy asked Todd, his impressions of Riley’s bio dad, Block.  Todd said, he initially thought Block was full of shit but Block is keeping his word and meeting with Riley.

I’ve always thought that Peter Thomas was closest to Nene when it comes to his no nonsense  attitude and his love for his wife Cynthia.   Last night, Peter was sad and angry.

When Andy asked Peter and Cynthia if they were dating.  Cynthia said she dated someone and quickly downplayed the dating.   Peter on the other hand was fronting big time.  He said there was someone he liked a lot.   If you looked close you saw man who’s heart was broken with tears in his eyes and despite his words he said he will ALWAYS love Cynthia.

Peter had nothing but rage toward Porsha and Phaedra.  Porsha has long accused Peter of having affairs. A one point Peter, talked over Andy Cohen, and asked why was Todd not there and insisted he be there ! Then he went after Phaedra.  Do you have the whole package? A husband and a family?  No, Phaedra replied.  Life is full of disappointments baby!    Peter abruptly left the stage as he exited he said “Phaedra and Porsha are full of shit”

Bones and the Bone Carrier

Sheree has clearly earned her peach back and relishes her role as the bone carrier.    Sheree keeps the ladies real, at the end of the day, their gonna see/hear what happens.  The ladies rarely question Sheree.

 The Heat!

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing Shamea Morton to the reunion sofa

Shamea Morton has Phaedra to thank for her appearance as she suggested that Shamea  Kandi and Todd was having an affair.   Shamea was Porsha’s best friend and Kandi’s friend however that relationship slowed when Porsha became friends with Phaedra.

Shamea went hard on Phaedra.  She called Phaedra a Southern belle today and hooker tomorrow,” and told Porsha dont leave your credit card and Id because is into fraudulent activity (the crime Phaedra’s ex in prison for) and to stop using Groupon for her plastic surgery’

The big question is why did Phaedra let her good friend Porsha take the fall for her mess?

 They brought Todd back to confirm Porsha’s coming on to Kandi.   There were two kisses between Kandi and Porsha asked if they would go back to her hotel.  Todd said Kandi (who was sober) declined and said it wasn’t a good idea.

Needing clarity, Andy wanted to know why Phaedra said Kandi and Shamea was sleeping together.   Phaedra said, because they were close.   When asked if she and Porsha were sleeping together or if she and Kandi were sleeping together because they were once were close, Phaedra said no.     In a sad desperate attempt. Phaedra asked all the ladies if they heard the rumors, they all including Porsha said no.

Porsha’s Memory Lapse

At one point Andy addresses an open letter written to him from the Huffington Post about  the homophobic way this show deals with these women accusing each other of being lesbians all the time.  Porsha says she is not homophobic, she supports Gays etc, etc, etc,  Someone reminds her of an anti gay statement she made a few years ago

The Bomb! 

Andy asked, why would Porsha say Kandi and Todd tried to drug her?

Porsha gave us one when she said she is in the world of Journalism.


She reports on the news and they like to make sure it’s accurate.”

Porsha joins the ranks of Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.

Why did she say that about Kandi?

“I was served a Cease and Desist by Kandi,” she Porsha said,  “What I want to do is have Phaedra speak, because she’s the one who told me Kandi said that.”


Phaedra is the source of the rumor.   She is the one who said, Kandi and Todd drugged Porsha. 



Real Housewives if Atlanta S9 Reunion Part One… “Waiting for the Sizzle”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Takes a while for the pot to heat up.   Part one ,of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion took nearly 30 minutes to heat up. After watching last nights Real Housewives of Atlanta its gonna take longer.

As with Beverly Hills, viewers get see the ladies as they prepare for the show.  In Atlanta, it was all breasts.  There was a lot of tape, especially with Porsha Williams who looked good in short hair, however if she sneezed,  there would have been an International incident.  The only one who seemed covered up was Sheree Whitfield in a nice but ill fitting dress.  Cynthia, was regal for an opening act in Las Vegas.   Kandi Burress Tucker with showroom new breasts was a complete snooze fest.  Kenya Moore short wig looked good and she passed.  Phaedra Parks, hair was good, but the make up or last minute freshening (face lift) made her look odd.

Speaking of Breast, the first topic is breast and camel toes,, apparently that’s a thing. Phaedra says you purchase camel toes on Amazon.  Moving quickly along.


The Lake House at Lake Bailey,  Porsha’s Palace, Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree.   It sucks to be Sheree.  In Atlanta, there are  blogs dedicated to the progress and news  on Chateau Sheree, they know every lien, every violation, everything about the former Neverland.  

 Kudos to Sheree you’ve done it. Now sell the shit, before its taken away and get yourself  a nice Condo in Midtown Atlanta befitting a single women like you.  Before the Chateau  kills you. !

Kenya says no one lives in Chateau because of every times she passes by, the light are out.  The two starts their typical arguments bout mortgages and liens.

While Sheree built the Chateau on her own, she wouldn’t give Kenya the same honors.  She and Porsha insist’s an Nigerian helped Kenya with the house.  Porsha, knows all the details about Nigerians, cars and trickery.      Kenya denies it, but even it were true, who of the two ladies are likely to keep their home?

At the end of the segment Kenya congratulated Sheree for a beautiful house When asked about well publicised liens, a stumbling Sheree said the contractors who deserved to be paid, were paid.  One wonders how many unpaid contractors watched last night.

A Spark of Drama!

Phaedra was given recognition for her charitable work.  Kandi was a bit pissed because someone in Phaedra’s office indicated Kandi’s contribution was $500 to the Flint Camp, when it was actually $5000 Phaedra said it was a misprint.

It seems Sheree’s “Who’s gonna check me Boo” tee shirt out sold Kenya’s hair products.   When asked about it,  Kenya took a long walk down memory lane with a helping hand from Andy.   A few years back she gave $20,000 to the Detroit schools and  Andy asked if Nene did, nope.  Sheree reminded us she never answered Andy’s original question.

Andy asked, if any of the women’s relationships were repairable.  Phaedra response  was possibly in the future .  Phaedra ! Phaedra!  PHAEDRA! didn’t you watch your own segment when you said despite Kandi’s support and apology when Apollo’s girlfriend appeared at the Old Lady Gang Resturant.  And you said, Its over between you and Kandi?

Kandi kept it clear, BULLSHIT!

Kandi has always maintained there are two Phaedra’ one camera ready (butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth) and off camera (Yes they are all bitches!)

Divorce Party

Phaedra thought Kenya’s Divorce Party was disrespectful.  Kenya said, there was no ill intent.  Kenya said Cynthia told her she didn’t like the idea of a divorce party and said Phaedra could have done the same.  Phaedra went back to the texts between Kenya and Apollo that goes back several seasons.  ANYONE who has followed this tired storyline of two or three seasons  back had to say to themselves, NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!  

  Kenya kept it real. Last year, Phaedra prayed with Kenya saying she wiped the slate clean, Phaedra lied.   This is all Phaedra has as a story line.  Defending a man she no longer wants, a man who has clearly moved on with a new boo. But Kenya, brought it back home.  The riff between the two ladies isn’t about Apollo. It was about their competing work out videos.

Porsha’s Anger Management Classes-No sizzle yet,      But the pan is getting warm! 

Think back, remember when Phaedra told Kenya that Porsha wanted to talk to everyone about her anger management?    We know how much Porsha and Kenya feels about each other and it went down hill from there.  With Kenya taking it too far and antagonizing Porsha..  Porsha walked away and Kenya followed her pushing all her buttons.

Kenya denies, pushing peoples buttons.  But ya do Kenya, Ya do! 

Porsha,surprised me by defending her friend after Phaedra clearly lied to her about telling Kenya.  This  wasn’t lost on Kandi who said, Porsha is quick to excuse Phaedra wrongdoings but hold grudges against everyone else.


Which answers a question for me. At the Divorce Party, Porsha receives a Text from Phaedra, a text that was clearly meant for Porsha.  But Porsha shares the text with everyone in the room including the Damming statement about Kenya.    I think Porsha needs this friendship and she doesn’t  want to share Frack with anyone.  


.Kandi keep it real buy saying yes, I’m a strong personality and if people didn’t leave her along she wouldn’t be fighting with folks. (Don’t start none-won’t be none!)  But Porsha and Phaedra like to drag up things from the past and pop off!

Kandi says, before this all started, she and Porsha were cool.  She donated five grand when Porsha was on the Celebrity Apprentice to support her friend.  Porsha dismisses the act and ACTS like Kandi was making a random donation to a charity.  Porsha says she cant be bought and Kandi thinks she can by people.

Loyalty goes a long way with me and Porsha should be done.  Kandi has been a supportive friend, how many other shows has Porsha sang in?


 One Done Three More to go!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Ep 7 “Model Behavior

Image result for kairo whitfield

I found Model Behavior a bit frustrating from nearly beginning to end. There may have been editing problems, But there were more than couple of scenes didn’t make any sense other scenarios that didn’t jive..

I say nearly because of ….

 Porsha is babysitting  Phaedra’s super intelligent boys Aiden and Dillon.  The two suffer no fools and they are very outspoken. At one point a frustrated Porsha tells Dillon the youngest of the two “you really have to trust me!” Dillon, not missing a beat ‘I DON’T TRUST YOU!   Porsha ,who gives us one nearly every week (remember last weeks ,what? 45 days is about three weeks!) didn’t disappoint last night.

At one point,the two boys are fighting over a remote. Porsha said! ( I know your reaction was the same as mine! ) Violence IS NOT THE ANSWER!  Coming from the queen of the smack down, currently in anger management. (It just might be working)   There was a lesson learned for Porsha, who was considering having a child on her own but Aiden and Dillion made her rethink her position.,perhaps  two parents are better than one.

More Porsha

Porsha has been dating an old boyfriend Todd, and invites him for dinner at mom’s house.  Everybody is there (No pressure) mama, sister and brother. (did we know Porsha had a brother?)    Todd is super quiet, which isn’t lost on sis.  Todd nervously giggles as three sets of eyeballs are on him. (No pressure at tall)  They grill him like a porterhouse steak and onions.    They learn he has an 16 and a 14 year old and that its possible, it could be,  he may be open to having kids.   He seals the deal by saying he loves Porsha.  Porsha squeals.

Image result for kairo whitfield

Next we see Sheree’s handsome son Kairo, in his first model shoot.  After a few shots Sheree’s ex and Kairo’s dad Bob Whitfield appears, why?   In the first shot, Bob is dry, in the next he is perspiring so much he could solve California’s drought. Hello? Bravo?  Bob seems surprised by the photo shoot? huh?  How did he get the address? Moving on.     Sheree invites RHOA resident model and agent Cynthia Bailey and suggests her son appear during New York’s Fashion Week, considered to be the Academy Awards for models. Cynthia’s expression said it all.

Related image

Speaking of Cynthia, her offer on the big house by the lake, with the nice bathtub was accepted.  She will be soon be an SLLL (Single Lady Livin Large)  That’s all.

Image result for gif I can't

We want Kenya Moore to find a man, to love.  Her on off, mythical relationships has been a part of the her story line since she’s been on the show.   Kenya is beautiful smart and very manipulative .  The relationship with big wheel riding Matt seemed genuine last season

The scene begin with us seeing the aftermath of Matt’s anger.  Three large panes of glass large enough for Bob Whitfield to climb through.  Kenya lives in the woods, who would leave those openings?  If your Kenya, it is for validation of what a mean horrible man boy Matt is.  However, what does that say about you?

She calls her dad in Texas, she wants him to talk to Matt.   She fly’s her dad out to Atlanta. The windows on the garage are still broken.

Matt agrees to meet Dad and then is a no show.  Kenya says he sent her 17 text messages. Based on what we know from the last two episodes,one wonders if he told her he wasn’t coming in one of those texts.   When Matt finally arrives, pop’s becomes Dr Phil with an edge,  he knows his daughter. At at the end of the session he tells Matt he can either accept Kenya for who she is now, or he can walk out of the door and not look back.

Big Wheel Keeps on Turnin…….

Image result for gif kid riding big wheel


Keeping it Professional

Its time for another meeting at the Kandi Factory.  First up ,on the agenda is the Status of the “Old Lady Restaurant”  Todd looks at the sky, Kandi is clearly done,next.  Kandi’s cell phone rings in this important meeting.  Its Phaedra, who wants to meet with Kandi, with the phone call over. The meeting becomes about Phaedra, its been awhile since the two have met. The rest of this segment is mostly about trashing Phaedra.

Meanwhile, across town, in Phaedra’s office. We have a lady, (turns out to be Drama, Drama’s mother).  The reception person, announces her arrival to Phaedra without pausing  walks her to Phaedra’s office (which seems odd) what if Phaedra needed a minute?  The lady enters the office as Phaedra is folding a thin sheet of paper.  It all seems contrived. Drama’s mom is concerned how her son is being portrayed as a psycho.  Phaedra agrees its sad and overblown yet Phaedra reportedly has a full time body guard.

Good Friends should never be on a the same

Reality Show

Image result for kandi burruss phaedra parks

If you google Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks you’ll find many happy pictures of two  smiling and laughing. The two have known each other decades.  But that was two seasons ago.

Kandi and Phaedra meet at a restaurant.  It’s ice cold as the two meet with a faded Hello.   The ever cool looking Ms Parks was bothered by Mama/Monster Joyce comments about the hand grenade.  You remember, Monsters Joyce proudly repeating “He said he was going to blow you the fuck up”   But this time Kandi was cocked and loaded.   Yall know somethings up when she doesn’t order food.

We’ve seen this fight played out several times before, filled with tears. There is nothing new here.  On this day there aren’t any tears*   At one point during the fight, Phaedra says maybe she loved Kandi more than she loved her husband Apollo. But Kandi is over it, there is nothing Phaedra can do or say.  Kandi thanked her for the invitation and wished Phaedra’s family well and leaves.    Still the iron lady, I noticed some sadness in Phaedra* and quite possibly a tear.


What are your thoughts of Kandi and Phaedra? Do you have side?


Last Week Sheree was beyond Shady She was just Nasty Nasty Nasty



The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep6 “Taste Like Trouble”

Image result for the real housewives of atlanta season 9 episode 6

Stage Drama, Real Drama, In yo bizness drama.  The ladies turned up it on EP 6.

Image result for bomb

Last weeks bomb scare at Phaedra’s law office may have been a cultural misunderstanding.  Phaedra’s artist friend, aptly named  “Drama Drama” went to the wrong office.  Reportedly telling someone his new CD was da Bomb and folks overacted.

BS alert: We love Phaedra. The reining queen of shade.  She love a big production and being over the top. So she gets out of the elevator, and there is the paparazzi (oh my lawd) she didn’t know!  “The members of this news crew the press looks likef people who just happened to be in the Starbucks downstairs. (hey guys wanna be on TV?)  No one had a professional camera or mic.  One chump had a cell phone. She chose some man named Freddie, who had a new Nikon Camera.  It was just sad.  Then she had a security meeting with all they she could assemble . Her mama, brother, nanny, and other employees.  A man from the Nation of Islam (great bean pies) was talking about security. I guess its important to know how to take someone out should he attack an office worker with a CD.       Like other Phaedra productions this one was over the top and just too much and yes we all know fakery when we see it.    Phaedra, were gonna have to take away 5 bonus points.


Mama Joyce Reporting from the Streets

Mama Joyce was relatively quiet last season. This season she will NOT be ignored!     She currently ranks #3 in the shade competition.

We see Joyce in a Mata Hari outfit. Long coat scarf completely covering her head and sunglasses.  She is there to ask the attorney Randy Kessler  about divorce laws in Georgia.  She has a question for a “friend”.  The ‘friend is Phaedra, and she wants to know how long it takes to get a divorce when the husband is in jail.   Messy, Messy, Messy.   I believe Randy Kessler attorney represented Apollo.  Joyce says she is going after Phaedra because Phaedra is coming for her daughter Kandi. Joyce said ” She wouldn’t piss on Phaedra, if Phaedra was on fire”  Perhaps she off her meds.

 Her methods, are sketchy at best.   Kandi needs to find Mama a man ,women, or just  keep her medicated. The woman  needs something to do.  Gonna give the misguided and twisted Joyce. 3 bonus points.

Porsha Williams, Bless her Heart

Porsha! Porsha! Porsha!  Funny! Sexy! Slow!

Porsha’s lease is up on her current house and we find her on the Sofa looking at houses on her tablet.  She tells her mother and sister she is looking for a large house in the suburbs because she wants a family.     She glows about Todd who she met on Facebook?, and tells them that he has two sons and basic random stuff.  She failed to tell them that he said he wasn’t interested.  He didn’t want to be a sperm donor.  She has to be out of the house she in and buy a new house in 45 days, which is at lease three week (at least in Porsha’s brain) Fa la la la, la la la la!

Cynthia Hair It is!

If there was a housewife hair contest.  Cynthia would win hands down.  From scene to scene she givin us Erykah Badu braids and then Diana Ross! anything and everything you want. Power to the weavers!

She too, visit her attorney and everything looks good . The divorce is less then two months away.  We learned from Peter she told the media about their divorce before she told him.  Ouch!

Kenya and the Boy

I want to believe Kenya, I think she cares for Matt but*

 Cynthia visits Moore Manor. The custom cake she made for Matt is untouched. She tells Cynthia.Matt didn’t make his own birthday party and stays in California with his sister.  We see Kenya’s security footage of Matt in a fit of rage breaking glass in Kenya’s garage which sets off warning bells in Cynthia.

Despite all the drama, Kenya wants to see Matt and give it another try. We see her begging Matt for a sit down.   We see her talking to members of the production staff and asking for advice.  What we see is Kenya in love with a bad boy, and based what weve seen, Matt’s a baby throwing tantrums.

Matt drives up to Moore Manor and wont get out of his SUV.  We learned is Matt wanted to talk, but off camera.  Kenya’s pleading for him to talk.   He is clearly frustrated  by the presence of the cameras. * He calls her manipulative and we learn she bought his airline tickets to California.  Hmmm? (What’s ;with the big story?)

Weve seen Kenya struggle with men on RHOA.  Manufactured boyfriends, and rumors of have a storyline.    Even some of the fans who dislike Kenya wants to see her with someone.  But she makes it difficult . Minus 5 bonus Points.

I got somethin for everybody!

The  opening of the Old Ladies Restaurant is testing the marriage of Kandi and Todd.  She’s trying to stand by her man, but they have a long way to go $$$$$$ and Todd keeps telling her, he’s handling it.

Its time to get the menu together and taste the food.   There  is Kandi and Todd, the OLG, featuring Bertha,Nora and Mama Joyce.    We soon learn, all the other housewives are invited.    Including Phaedra.   Kandi greets Bertha and Nora.  Bertha makes it clear she bought the cake.    The ladies stagger in.

 Sheree arrives full of messy piss and vinegar.

At the table she sits down and says to Mama Joyce  “Your looking might fine-I had a hair style like yours and Kenya said I had on a tired Ass Mama Joyce wig”    Kenya nearly choked, That’s not what I said !   Of course she did and there’s film.     Joyce not missing a beat and splashing Kenya with shade at the same time said.    You betta wished you look this good at 67 and IT’S ALL NATURAL!  

Meanwhile Mama Joyce is waiting and  locked and loaded for Phaedra.     Mama Joyce starts in on Phaedra using that old lady voice of concern.   How you doin boo? I heard what your going through and wanted to tell you about what the divorce lawyer said.    Kandi overhearing part of the conversation, went Mama! and grabbed Joyce.

 Cynthia comes in and the discussion changes about the office boom.  As Phaedra is telling the story.  Mama Joyce says from “what I read, the man said he wanted to blow you the fuck up!   Phaedra: wait what?   “I’m just sayin he wanted to blow you the fuck up”   “That not necessarily what he said ? Phaedra goes into what happened and homeland security

Suddenly , Sheree turns to Kandi. Have you heard from Block?  Kandi, taken off guard Block? I don’t wanna talk about Block!  Kandi could have shut it down, but no . He was talking about co-parenting? she adds   Porsha, said Anit Riley damm near grown?   Sheree wasn’t done with the mess.   Porsha did Block say anything about Riley to you.?  

Sheree knows everything, her motives was messy. Kandi shared this information with her weeks ago.     She knew Porsha dated Block,well after Kandi.   She also knows Kandi is private about Block.   Kandi could have quashed the entire unnecessary conversation by staying quiet.  Porsha, on the other hand didn’t bite.   Sheree brought the drama however no bonus points.


 Your Thoughts


Last Week

Sheree’s Son Was Arrested


The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep5 Saving Chocolate Boys

Cynthia cakes and houses. Kenya cake, Atv’s and crazy boyfriends. Kandi and Todd, Mama Joyce, honey and handcuffs.  Phaedra Democrats and Grenades. Porsha clothes and hair. Sheree, police drugs and chocolate boys.  Its all about episode 5

Single Ladies got to hang by themselves 

Its Kenya and Cynthia in a cake store designing a cake for Matt’s birthday. In Kenya’s design she wants to make a replica of a Gucci belt Matt lost.  Perhaps it didn’t cross her mind to buy him another belt, but its the thought that counts right?  Cake 4 EveryBody!

Kenya is planning a couples ATV outing for Matt’s birthday and tells Cynthia being single she probably didn’t want to go anyway.  (Isn’t Kenya and Cynthia besties ? )  Kenya pours more salt into the wound  by inviting couples to the event as Cynthia .

Later, Cynthia and Noelle visits a large six bedroom home. Peter wants Cynthia to sell the home they shared.   While Peter doesn’t have a financial stake in the home, Cynthia views the move as a fresh start and places a bid on the 949k house.

Will The Old Lady Restaurant Damage Todd’s and  Kandi’s Marriage

Construction on the “Old Lady Gang” restaurant is way behind schedule and Kandi isn’t happy with the progress or Todd’s words about the progress.  Peter Thomas, Cynthia soon to be ex husband drop by .  He tells Todd that his marriage to Cynthia is over. Partly due to being in business together.  This makes Todd think about his marriage.

Mama Joyce comes over to baby sit, she can sense there is stress between the two and says they work hard especially Kandi.      She arranges alone time for the two. She has outfitted their bathroom with wine, sex toys and handcuffs.  Kandi seemed a little weirded out (who wouldn’t be) by her mothers encouragement and Mama Joyce takes it down another notch by asking to borrow Kandi’s revealing outfit she bought for Todd’s eyes only.  Todd applies honey to Kandi’s body and before the show becomes sex in Atlanta, we move on.

Missing at the AVT Park

Matt and Kenya, MATT and KENYA, matt and kenya.   Kenya has a secret, her man ani’t showing up for his birthday celebration.   The Manboy is pissed !  He saw an ancient picture of Kenya and Jay-z (she was in his video wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day)  this sent the Manchild into a tissy and he got on his Big Wheel and peddled off to California to see his big sis.  This is Kenya version anyway

Kandi, read through the tea leaves and asked Kenya to come clean. Where’s Matt?    Kenya still MADD for the boy asked the Senior Couple for advice. Yes, with Phaedra-Apollo and Cynthia and Peter divorcing. Todd and Kandi are the senior couple.   Kenya want to know how does their marriage work, with Kandi and her millions and Todd works

Saving the Chocolate Boys 

Phaedra has been invited to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, she asked Porsha to attend.  She was a member of a panel on gun violence  just before leaving to the conventions she learns another black man was killed by the police.

Back in Atlanta, Sheree gets a late night call from her 19 year old son Kairo.   Her son Kairo was arrested for a DUI. According to Kairo, he was smoking pot and got pulled over for an expired tag. She is worries how he will be treated by the law because of his skin color. She reminds him of when they attended a rally in Washington DC where parents who have lost their children to police violence. Where they heard mothers giving over their child’s deaths.  Good children, like Kairo who were killed at a young age.  She tells him  “You have to work harder. You have to be better,”

Sheree feels Kairo doesn’t get it and feels his father might be more effective.  Bob’s  opening statement, made her do a double take as he thinks medicinal marijuana is good and better than opioid’s and  he has a medical marijuana card. He recovers sort of by urging his son to never drive and smoke or spend time with people who condone it.

Back in Philadelphia we hear from  Jahvaris Fulton, older brother to Trayvon Martin and director of The Trayvon Martin Foundation,  who tells the panel, “There’s not one simple answer. It’s definitely a combination of you have to build relationships with police in the community and you have to ban semi-automatic weapons.”

Phaedra drives to see Apollo in prison. On route she learns— someone went to her office with a grenade to blow himself and the office Up!   She worries if someone knows where she lives?  Freaking out, she arranges a safe place for her kids and her mother who ultimately calms her through prayer.   Dammit Someone call Olivia Pope stat! 




RHOA: S8 EP16 Turning over a New Peach

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap 3/6/16: Season 8 Episode 16 "Turning Over a New Peach"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is crawling into home.  One more episode before the reunion.

Sex Lessons for the Tuckers Featuring Mama Joyce

You Remember the Tucker’s, Kandi and Todd?  Don’t chu?   Kandi is nearing the end of her pregnancy at the office of Dr Jackie.(Bravo’s OG for Atlanta) Mama (formally Monster in law) Joyce in tow. Mama or Monster has become the doting mother in law, touching, smiling at the son in law she once wanted to DESTROY! KILL! KILL! KILL!   It’s strange I keep waiting for her face to peel off and grabs Todd hand to a fiery molten end. (anyway)

They talk about diamonds and Todd’s inflated height.  He say’s he’s 5.9, and Donald Trump hair looks natural.  Their baby is fine and Dr Jackie say’s they could have sex and in front of Mama Joyce, Dr Jackie suggests Todd can hit it from the side, hit in in the kitchen and hit it from all directions except the Missionary Position.   Mama Joyce’s face is distorted and it sucks to be Todd.

Cynthia: Kim Sorry we called your Hubby Gay  On to my Commercial

Its clear Kim knows what she’s doing. Cynthia Eye wear Commercial looks good, could use a bit more dialogue .  Kim has good thing to say about Kenya’s pilot but says no to working for her.

Chateau Kenya?

Kenya takes Aunt Lori and boyfriend Matt to see the near finished(Kenya’ words) house. The house is far from finished.    Its more of a viewing party as Kenya want Lori to see Matt.   At one point Kenya glows about a fireplace  she and Matt was working on and Lori said, what she saw was sticks.    Lori knows her niece and questions how long before she runs him off.  Later in the episode, Kenya and Matt have dinner, I could go on, but Kenya wild laughter at nearly everything he said, drove me to mute the segment.   He seems to like her.

Nekkid Lingerie

Naked Lingerie is a company Porsha owns   There was a photo shoot with a little drama.  However I must say, while there were young models there  Cynthia Bailey(who is in her forties) owned it.  Porsha struggles continue.  In a conversation with her creative director . She is attempting to say that she is flexible about an idea and she says, “It wasn’t in semen…wait — it sounded like I just said semen.”  Well Porsha its because you said “semen”   Her sister Lauren joins in and they go back and forth  “semen” “semen”:   Johnnie the creative director solves the mystery and realizes Porsha was trying to say cement. He tells them they “got the brains of a paper cup” SHM!

The field trip to Fort Dix

Phaedra has signed the papers, the divorce is on.  Her soon to be ex Apollo has little recourse she plans to take the papers into prison for Apollo to sign.   Its been a year since he’s gone to the big house and he hasn’t seen his wife and his sons.    She is concerned about her young sons, and how they would be affected by the prison environment and how they will react after seeing their father.

Her sons are a testament to her parental dedication to her children.. Her sons  Ayden and Dylan are under six and are fully conversational  and well behaved.  There are many restrictions and Phaedra chose not to tell them they were seeing their father until it was clear they were allowed inside.

The Bravo camera were not allowed to film inside the prison.

We learned the boys were a bit frigidity in prison without their toys and the controlled visit was long.  They appeared unscathed. In prison, Apollo is sporting a Mohawk haircut.  Dylan’s response was “He did not quite like it.   We also learned that Apollo refused to sign the divorce papers.