daring to listen (Political Addition)

  Lets be clear the nation IS divided.  It’s Democrats against the Republicans and Fox News against other cable networks. The polarization between the two parties has grinded our government to halt, our government isn’t working.  Most of the states have closed primaries not only binding the hands of voters but severely limit the reach of politicians.Continue reading “daring to listen (Political Addition)”

Why do people on the other side seem so unreasonable?

By: Andrew Gelman/Monkey Cage Washington Post George W. Bush famously described himself as “a uniter, not a divider.” A few years into his presidency there was a survey that reported that 49 percent of Americans thought he was a “uniter” and 49 percent thought him a “divider” — a poignant reminder that Americans are so polarized, they’re even polarized about polarization. AndContinue reading “Why do people on the other side seem so unreasonable?”