Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!

Warning: If you easily offended, grossed out. KEEP READING

On Monday, St Petersburg, Florida Police was called to brawl in progress. Twenty eight year old Tecora Fields  Tecora Fields (left) pinged a wet and used tampon at St Petersburg Police Department officer André Sousa (right on a separate occasion) as he tried to break up a brawl she was involved inwas involved in the brawl.

Andre Sousa Tecora Fields (left) pinged a wet and used tampon at St Petersburg Police Department officer André Sousa (right on a separate occasion) as he tried to break up a brawl she was involved in the officer investigating the brawl said, Tecora told the officer to “suck her pussy” and added  “I’ll hit you with my tampon you bitch!”

The officer said  Tecora  “was then seen with both her hands in her genital area, with her pants open.” She was then observed “throwing a wet white paper object”

The wet used Tampon hit this officer shoulder (it was intended for his mouth)

After flinging the Tampon,she was off…… towards a nearby house but the officers taser ended her run to freedom.

Fields was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, a felony. The crime was carried out, a criminal complaint notes, “by use of a deadly weapon”  The used tampon.”

Tocora posted bond as her story goes global.




Hundereds of Junk Police Openings in North Carolina



Photo:David Carillet/Lifetime-Shutterstock

North Carolina’s Transgender laws has created a new positions in the state.   The law requiring individuals to use restrooms based on the sex on their identification.

Occasionally a masculine looking female or a feminine looking male, may attempt to use one of the states public facilities without proper identification.

Concerned citizens can contact a uniformed  Junk (J) officer to confirm the correct sexual assignment of the citizen.

The State of North Carolina is looking for a sensitive understanding individuals with soft hands to handle the junk of the citizens of the state and foreign nationals to enforce this important law that insults all the citizens of the Great State of North Carolina.

North Carolina State Government is the state’s largest employer with over 133,000 employees all working toward a common goal of making North Carolina great. We are a large organization comprised of various agencies, branches, and universities, each providing an important public service. The State is committed to handling the Junk of its citizens equally and fairly,without judgement to shape, size,color or odor.

There are currently 500 statewide positions available

Applications Available in  Gov. Pat McCrory’s office

1 E Edenton St

Raleigh, NC 27601

Sacramento Area Officers Convicted of Rape while on Duty

 November 2015

A jury convicted former Sacramento Police officer Gary Dale Baker, 52, of rape, forcible oral copulation, felony sexual battery, first-degree burglary and other charges July 20 after Baker broke into the woman’s apartment three different times between 2010 and 2012.  The disabled  victim is in her seventies and lived in a senior complex. Baker received life.

February 2014

A Yolo County Jury convicted former West Sacramento Police Officer Sergio Alvarez who received 205 in prison for raping and Kidnapping


How does the departments handle accusations of sexual misconduct by police officers.  In light of the charges of the two officers what changes if any has been taken by  the Sacramento and West Sacramento Police Departments?

Stay Tuned.



 A National Problem? Police Officers Raping Citizens While on Duty

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71 year old redhead accused of leaving a trail of unhappy lovers met online

By:Kay Dibben/The Sunday Mail
Ann Stewart with Keith Prince after he signed a contract for the Bracken Ridge house he bought for them to live in together.

Ann Stewart with Keith Prince after he signed a contract for the Bracken Ridge house he bought for them to live in together. Source: Supplied

A WOMAN accused of “squatting” in the home of a man she knew for only four months has left a trail of unhappy ex-lovers.

Retired Cairns, Australia architect Keith Prince, 74, last month told how Ann Stewart refused to leave his four-bedroom Bracken Ridge, Australia home after their relationship ended mid last year.

Now Kingaroy man Ray Wilton has told how he ended up paying Ms Stewart $20,000 to leave his house in 2011 “without damaging or removing anything”.

Mr Wilton also met the redhead through dating website RSVP in 2010, soon after his 35-year marriage ended, but within three months of her moving in the “intimate” relationship had ended.

He had sought legal advice and at one stage, had even called police, in his efforts to get rid of her.

He finally made secret plans to sell his house, but just before it was sold she agreed to move out if he paid her $20,000 “reimbursement”.

“It was very distressing. I’m 92 kilos but by the time she left I was 72 kilos,” Mr Wilton said.

He was at first flattered when Ms Stewart drove to Kingaroy soon after they met online, and was happy when she moved in with him four months later. But he claims Ms Stewart isolated him from his local friends, took over his house, insisting on many renovations, and within a few months had locked him out of the main bedroom.

Ms Stewart yesterday said she had difficulty remembering her relationship with Mr Wilton because she had been “to hell and back” with major surgery and cancer treatment.

Another man who met Ms Stewart via RSVP in 2007 also says he was left about $3000 out of pocket when she kicked him out of her house after a three-month relationship.

He said he called police when he went to her house to remove his fridge and his other possessions, but Ms Stewart told police he had only been a boarder and she owned the goods.

“Being a Scorpio, honesty and integrity are paramount to me,” she had told the man in an email.

In the case that came to light earlier, Mr Prince said he had recently discovered Ms Stewart, 71, who he met through the online dating site RSVP, had changed the locks on his $427,000 house, where she has not paid any rent.

Ms Stewart claimed she had a two-year “lease” signed by Mr Prince, which stated the rent was fully paid.

A special term said “if we separate I will compensate Ann for the balance of rent paid”, Ms Stewart claimed.

She also claimed Mr Prince gave her permission to change the locks last year. It is all denied by Mr Prince. He went to police, solicitors, the Residential Tenancy Authority and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to try to get her to leave, claiming it was not his signature on the lease.

Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding

Sacramentans can exhale, the Kings are staying and the Maloof‘s are gone.  Mayor Johnson  efforts must be commended .

Once the celebrating ends and the last bit of purple confetti is swept away, reality begins.

A few weeks after the council approved a non binding  $258 million term sheet.  City Manager John Shirey told the City Council that the city is facing its own “fiscal cliff” in six years, when an increase in the sales tax rate expires and the city’s required contributions to the state pension fund are expected to spike by as much as $17 million.  What’s more, Shirey said the city faces an unfunded liability in retiree medical costs of $440 million, a number that is increasing by the day.  The city has already addressed cumulative deficits of more than $240 million over the past seven years, said Leyne Milstein, city finance director. Those deficits are projected to continue, as the city grapples with increasing employee costs and modest increases in key revenue streams such as property and sales tax. “For the first time in many years, we’re actually showing revenue growth,” Shirey said. “The bad news is that our growth is a lot slower and a lot less than our neighbors’.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/05/08/5403258/sacramento-city-budget-deficit.html#storylink=cpy

Crime continue to rise in this city.The Police  department has lost more than 300 sworn officers and civilian staff members and more than 30 percent of its budget since 2008.   In 2011  the police department  eliminated the vice, narcotics, financial crimes and undercover gang squads, sending many detectives back to patrol; and thinned the auto theft, forensics and canine units. Police officers no longer responded to burglaries, misdemeanors or minor traffic accidents.


Firemen were cut last year. Other essential services were closed completely or cut back in this city of nearly a half million people.

Sacramento and Stockton California

Ten years ago Stockton City Leaders told citizens an entertainment complex would revitalize downtown section of the city.    Retail had long abandoned the city’s core and many of the buildings stand vacant.

Eight years ago the Stockton Arena, Ballpark, Hotel and Arena opened with much fanfare.   Today those same  store fronts remained vacant.   The arena is underutilized and has lost money for the city since its inception.

A blistering grand jury report issued Thursday, skewers former Mayor Gary Podesto and then-City Manager Mark Lewis for setting Stockton on a crash course toward bankruptcy In the  grand jury’s investigation, Podesto said, also failed to factor in a $125 million pension obligation bond the city issued after his term and millions the city spent to repair streets and build community centers.

The report titled “Recovering from Stockton’s Financial Sinkhole – Don’t Fall Back In,” doesn’t identify those onetime city leaders by name, but it targets two driving figures by job title behind building the downtown waterfront sports complex.

A witness testified before the grand jury that a former city manager and mayor ordered the city auditor not to delve into general budget issues, the report says.

“A former mayor would marginalize any council member questioning or opposing the mayor’s desired programs, and sought to limit public discussion of important financial matter,” the report says.


March 26,  2013 Mayor Kevin Johnson and  six members of  the  City Council approved  a complex $258 (non binding) million dollar term sheet.    The Mayor  and council had less than 72 hours to view the document before voting on it.   The term sheet was approved before citizens could comment.

The Mayor and leaders believe, the new Arena will revitalize downtown.

Critics of the term sheet says the plans to protect to general fund are overly optimistic, other’s believe the calculations are incorrect.


At a public forum in March, City Manager John Shirey was asked about Stockton.  He quickly dismissed Stockton,nearly suggesting Sacramento’s  financial problems were under control.

There are several Cities with Professional Sports teams whose budgets are  underwater due to decisions made for them with revenues diverted from essential service to make up for the shortfall.

 Read: https://sacratomatovillepost.com/2013/06/01/did-sacramento-leaders-negotiate-the-best-arena-deal-for-the-city-a-look-at-10-nba-arena-deals/

Stockton is in the news daily, the cities police force has been slashed due to the city’s financial condition. In 2012, Stockton was the second most dangerous city after Oakland (Oakland has also cut its police force)   The quality of life for it’s  citizens have reached an all time low.   In 1999 and  2004  Stockton received an  All America City award from the National Civic League.  In 2009 and 2011 Forbes magazine said Stockton was the most miserable city in the Nation.

Sacramento economy has many things in common with Stockton.   The downturn of real estate dramatically  affected budgets of both cities.  Both cities have reduced city services, reduced police and fire personnel and both cities have underfunded pensions.

Should any element of  the city’s arena  predictions fail, the shortfall will come from the  general fund.  Resulting in a further reductions of  city services and staff.

The citizens of Stockton did not vote on the Entertainment Center. Its very possible  they may have approved it, however their future was decided for them.  In Sacramento, the citizens should a say in determining theirs.


‘Ghost’ wants clean cops; police station locked up for 6 months

JABALPUR,INDIA: The foremost qualification for a posting to Pandola police station is “saatwik” (pure) character, declares Gokul Suman, former sarpanch of Pandola gram sabha in Sheopur. The expression, he explains, means an austere life. Those who don’t fit the bill, Suman says with all seriousness, “cannot last a day in the building known to be haunted”.

Suman has seen many men in khaki walk in and then walk away in the past year. The last one was driven off by the ‘resident spirit’ approximately six months ago, he added. And since then, the police station has been firmly locked. Policemen don’t fear bandits in this tribal-dominated town in the dreaded Chambal belt. But fighting off unseen forces is certainly not their cup of tea. Consequently, there in no night patrol in Pandola and the villagers are left on their own, complains Daulat Ram Gupta, former chairperson of Sheopur Nagar palika.

The building is a relatively new construction with three rooms. The sanctioned strength of the police station is one sub-inspector in charge, one head constable and four constables. This is how the system worked until last year, before things began to go haywire.

Manohar Singh and his sarpanch wife Vilasi Devi recall, “how the beat constable on duty was attacked, possessed and managed to flee somehow”. Suman corroborates the story and even remembers the duty constable’s name: Suresh Sikarwar.

“These cases happened in quick succession and now the policemen do come in case of an untoward incident, but they carry out their paper work standing in the compound,” Manohar told TOI.

Alarmed by the reports, Sheopur MLA Brijesh Singh demands a probe into the mystery and also a 24×7 presence of the force to clear the air. “Turning a deaf ear will not sort out the problem. Senior officers must go and camp here and see what exactly is happening. This will take away the dread from the villagers’ hearts,” he declares. However, if the problem persists, there is no harm in shifting the police station to some other building, Singh adds as an afterthought.

Sheopur superintendent of police Mahendra Singh Sikarwar trashes the spooky tales. The only reason for the absence of men from the police station is paucity of force, he claims. The building has been locked, he concedes, but “we have not given it up”.


     By: Manjari Mishra /Times of India 


FREEZE!!! Grandfather catches thief and puts him in the freezer

He spotted the pickpocket snatch a woman’s purse while at the supermarket and chased him through the aisles

Justice: Mick Hegney

A grandfather  chased down a shop thief and dumped him in a chest freezer along with frozen pizzas until police arrived.

Mick Hegney, 53, spotted Romanian Ioan Constatint, 37, snatch a woman’s purse while at the supermarket.

Mick said: “When I saw him slip the purse into his coat, that was it. “I asked him what he thought he was doing and he tried to give it to me.

“I chased him, grabbed him by the lapels, pushed him into the freezer and told him to keep still.”

Police arrived at the Morrisons in Tamworth, Staffs– Great Britain 10 minutes later.

Constatint, of Coventry, was jailed for eight weeks at Burton magistrates court after he admitted theft.

Dad-of-three Mick got a letter of thanks from police and said the woman had been buying flowers for her daughter’s grave.

He added: “To have her purse stolen would’ve made a bad day worse.”

By: Martin Fricker/Uk Mirror