Tainted Water? Philly Congressman Bob Brady steals the Pope’s Water

Look closely at this picture, the tightness around the mouth. ¬†Just by her expression you can tell Bob Brady’s aid Colleen Carlos aid is thrilled to drink out of the same glass that four others before her sipped out of . Background: Shortly after Pope Francis addressed Congress on Thursday. Congressman Bob Brady made aContinue reading “Tainted Water? Philly Congressman Bob Brady steals the Pope’s Water”

You want a ride like the Pope? Fiat is waiting

A few years ago I tested the Fiat 500L, A very roomy car, I liked it but I was the minority. With the country currently in a state of Popepalooza . A few people may be eyeing the 500L. A way to be closer to the pontiff. CityFella https://sacratomatovillepost.com/2013/09/09/big-man-rides-2014-fiat-500-l-the-next-big-thing/