Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’

The medieval town of Sellia, Calabria. Photo: Comune di Sellia Fewer Italians are having children,¬†and the country’s population growth is almost at zero. A small medieval village in Calabria has taken a unique approach to the problem of its dwindling and ageing population: ban people from getting sick. Davide Zicchinella, the mayor of Sellia, inContinue reading “Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’”

Retirement at 77? The problems of Italy’s Aging Population

The future strength of a country is dependent upon its population, but what happens if a country cannot rely upon future generations? This is the question being raised in Italy, where population ageing is creating fears for the county’s destiny. The so-called¬†processo di invecchiamento, ageing process, and its effects on the structure of the ItalianContinue reading “Retirement at 77? The problems of Italy’s Aging Population”