Student Makes X Rated film in College Library say’s she was bored

Kendra Sunderland, 19, has become an overnight star after her x-rated antics in a library went viral A teenager charged with public indecency over an x-rated film shot in a university library has said “I was bored”. Kendra Sunderland, 19, has been named as the woman behind a porn clip filmed on the Oregon StateContinue reading “Student Makes X Rated film in College Library say’s she was bored”

Porn films leave young Frenchmen with complex

Watching porn is not good for the confidence of young Frenchmen it seems. A study that looks into the impact of pornographic films on the sex lives and psyche of the French people has revealed that many young men have been left with a complex over the size of their penis and more and moreContinue reading “Porn films leave young Frenchmen with complex”

Door 2 Door Porn: Jeanette Ellis had herself an idea!

Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, boring…. Jeanette Ellis of Gaffney, South Carolina  discovered a gold mine….discarded porn…. Before you could say Hoo Haa !   Ms Ellis (an entrepreneur)was going door to door in her neighborhood selling porn. No unwanted scents , no green eye shadow or  smoky eyes and no unwanted burps, just pure porn on VHS forContinue reading “Door 2 Door Porn: Jeanette Ellis had herself an idea!”

Did too much porn…….

Enlarge(Credit: gremlin via iStock) Like other boys my age, I grew up with unlimited access to smut. At 23, I wonder if it’s totally screwed me up It was the era of Kazaa and we knew no better. Among my group of male friends at my austere private elementary school, watching, discussing and even sharing pornography became aContinue reading “Did too much porn…….”

Do Men Lie About Porn Usage? Do Women Go Ballistic?

… In my case, kinda, yeah. Recently, responses to the Daily Beast article “The John Next Door” have spawned several online debates about how much we want, or should be able, to know about our partner’s porn habits. Over at The Good Men Project, Hugo Schwyzer and Aaron Gouveia had it out in “A VehementContinue reading “Do Men Lie About Porn Usage? Do Women Go Ballistic?”

Substitute teacher fired over porn work

Wanted: Substitute teachers. Former porn stars need not apply. Just ask Shawn Loftis   Just ask Shawn Loftis, who worked as a sub for the Miami-Dade school district until a principal discovered his body of work. As first reported on the The Miami New Times Riptide 2.0 blog, Loftis was assigned to Miami Beach SeniorContinue reading “Substitute teacher fired over porn work”

Hotel Confidential: The X Files

A few days ago The Marriott Corporation announced  that it will Ban Porn is all of its new properties that will be opening in the next few years.   The Texas based Omni hotels stopped offering porn in 1999.   Most of the Major hotels offer adult movies it is a major source of revenueContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: The X Files”