The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S10 Ep19 Nene and Kenya take the night

Part one of the reunion chugged alone very slowly last night. Just before the ladies took to the Sofas. we see Andy talking to Tyrone on the phone.   Unfortunately the spent a lot of time revisiting last years  Sheree They revisited season nine’s Kandi, Porsche’s, Phaedra’s drugging drama.  I could take you there but IContinue reading “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S10 Ep19 Nene and Kenya take the night”

Sheree Whitfield Fired from RHOA?

It ain’t official until Bravo’s fat lady sings. Sources tell that Sheree has gotten the boot and won’t be returning for season 11.  In our poll……. “Who should leave the show”  47% chose Sheree.    In story, Porsha Williams took to social media to rejoice in Sheree’s firing.      Porsha may wantContinue reading “Sheree Whitfield Fired from RHOA?”

RHOA Poll Results: Who should stay? Who should go? Who should come back for season 11

In the last few weeks we conducted a poll. We asked three questions:   With Kenya Moore unlikely to return next season  What                                                              other cast membersContinue reading “RHOA Poll Results: Who should stay? Who should go? Who should come back for season 11”

RHOA: Time to clean house three or more cast members needs to go (which 3?)

Season 10 seems to be unlucky for Bravo’s housewives. Orange County has been a mess for the last two seasons with weak story lines and senior cast members who may have overstayed their welcome. Atlanta, now in its 10th season has been limping for a few years. Last season’s Porsha’s\Kandi drama went much too long.Continue reading “RHOA: Time to clean house three or more cast members needs to go (which 3?)”

RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out”

  Its the tenth episode, and this season has been dragging, even with the return on Nene and Kim.   We are halfway through the season and Bravo possibily realizing they must intice the views to hang with Atlanta, its highest rated franchise. Gave us a preview of the rest of the season . Last nightContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out””

RHOA# S10 ep7 “That Collect Call From Yo Man in Prison”

Photo: Google A big heartfelt thanks to the readers who have stuck it out with me throughout the years.  You have asked for it and the old format is back.  I was trying to go high, but it seems you like it tacky and tasteless. Kandi sees the Lake Bailey house for the first time. Continue reading “RHOA# S10 ep7 “That Collect Call From Yo Man in Prison””

RHOA: S10 ep6 “All Aboard The Shady Express”

I’m not ready to give Marlo Hampton a peach YET!  But I want more of her and Nene clearly needs her.   As Nene was flapping her gums, Marlo was fixing her wig and her bob that had collapsed on her head.  Marlo not only fixed that wig (how does someone have a problem with aContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep6 “All Aboard The Shady Express””

RHOA: S10 Ep5 Jus Som Petty Mess!

There was much anticipation in Sacramento for Kim Zolciak to two step on Kenya Moore’s forehead last night.  It would have been good TV.  Kim has big feet and Kenya has a big forehead.   Would have been, but Bravo bamboozled us.   It was over in mega seconds. Kim came in cocked and loaded for Kenya. Continue reading “RHOA: S10 Ep5 Jus Som Petty Mess!”

RHOA: S10 Ep3 ‘Chateau Get Down’

Sheree brings back the 70’s  Moore of Kenya’s Mystery Man Cynthia dates a MAN!   Kandi Xscapes the OLG Porsha Dream Salon-Gregg’s Emergency Last nights episode began with Porsha and family at a salon getting body wraps,  Perhaps this is a new part of her vegan regiment. (yawn). Meanwhile C. Bailey continues to make 50 lookContinue reading “RHOA: S10 Ep3 ‘Chateau Get Down’”

RHOA: S10 Ep2 Not Over It

Ladies and Gentlemen!  I give you Cynthia Bailey.!  All of her!   I’ve watched all the Bravo franchises and have never seen a housewives getting in the tub and shaving her legs in the tub.  Yes, Angela Stone from the Real Housewives of Auckland took pictures for the cover of her book in the tub.  ThisContinue reading “RHOA: S10 Ep2 Not Over It”