Its Time To Move On

The January 6, attack on the US Capitol is one of the darkest days in our history. The Forty Fifth President of the United States directed. his supporters to create mayhem. The Commander and Chief watched and celebrated the disorder that was talking place minutes away, on the Cable News Networks in the White House.Continue reading “Its Time To Move On”

Stop the Steal:Trump supporters to hold rally Jan 6, in DC to Protest Election

As of December 2020, more than half of Republicans believe the president won the presidential election. On Wednesday, a protest rally will take place at 11am in Washington DC. In a tweet, the President wrote “Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!” The US Congress will meet in aContinue reading “Stop the Steal:Trump supporters to hold rally Jan 6, in DC to Protest Election”

Will McConnell’s $2000 Stimulus Block help Georgia Democrats?

Many Americans will wake up this morning and find $600 in their checking account. Most, based on the last stimulus check will use the $600 to pay rent, bills and buy necessaries. President Trump, believed, $600 was too low and supported a $2000 stimulus payment. His support of the $2000, undermined McConnell, who has beenContinue reading “Will McConnell’s $2000 Stimulus Block help Georgia Democrats?”

Desperate Hours

It’s not about the presidency. It’s not about his base. It’s about his future and the realization that only four more years as president can protect him and his family from possible prosecution as the statute of limitations might protect him. Welcome Back, The Asylum is open As the President’s advisors are hoping for aContinue reading “Desperate Hours”


I Donald John Trump The Best President in the HISTORY of these United States.   Hereby, Pardon myself of course  AND my three eldest children Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric And Various Unnamed Associates (The names are coming and they are tremendous people) For, Current Crimes, Crimes we may have committed-but forgot, Unfair Crimes, PettyContinue reading “Par-done”

Donald Trump: “Losing For Dollars” Every time he says rigged, cheated or fraud, a supporter writes a check

Vote was rigged…….. This is total fraud,” the president said on Fox News. “And how the FBI and Department of Justice I don’t know, maybe they’re involved. But how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable.” Every time President Trump, says the election was fraudulent, or loses in court a donationContinue reading “Donald Trump: “Losing For Dollars” Every time he says rigged, cheated or fraud, a supporter writes a check”

Trump Oversell?

The election is rigged. The fix is in! For more than a year, The President said mail in ballots are fraudulent Except his ballots and those mailed ballots in red states where he has won. Over 50% of his base believe. Joe Biden lost the election. GEORGIA WORLD Georgia will determine which party will controlContinue reading “Trump Oversell?”

Joe Biden is the President Elect, it only took me 23 days to exhale

Okay! I’m finally ready to dance in the street. Listen, Trump Truma is real and I have to thank ,right wing conservative media for freeing me from my freedom! They have collectively untied me and un-handcuffed me from that Truma tree. Fox News, host Laura Ingraham said, “Unless the legal situation changes in a dramaticContinue reading “Joe Biden is the President Elect, it only took me 23 days to exhale”

Day 5: Splash!

The drips were killing me I’m tried of the cable news pundits. I just need Pennsylvania to put him over the top. I turned off the news as I needed to pack my rental car for my Fresno trip. Cooler, my cool shades, a coat for an emergency. I’m good to go. Somewhere between myContinue reading “Day 5: Splash!”

Contagious for the Win

Coming to a battleground state near you.  A President without a mask.  An event filled with hundreds possibly thousands of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder without masks in support of the President in what could be considered a Superspreader event. Superspreader Event in Iowa NEW ROCHELLE – Iona College was locked down Monday. Its classes switchedContinue reading “Contagious for the Win”