11 Day 3300 Mile Super Road Trip: (Day 7) Raid!

I should have planned for a longer stay in Austin. I feel I haven’t fully scratched the surface and while I am a huge fan of the city, the State is another matter. I once considered moving to Austin but after an extended drive with friends, I realized California “Sacratomatoville”is a tough act to follow.Continue reading “11 Day 3300 Mile Super Road Trip: (Day 7) Raid!”


Weeks of  indecision costs me.  Was I driving or flying to Las Vegas?  A drive would take 10 hours and even in my fuel efficient car, gas would cost about $82 each way.   After a few days of an exhausting  internet search, the best fare I found was out of Oakland, however parking and fuel cost from Sacramento virtually erased anyContinue reading “STRAIGHT OUT OF STOCKTON (airport)”