Tesla Protest in North Carolina? (Superchargers Blocked)

By: Fred Lambert/Electrek.com In what appears to be an act of protest against Tesla, a bunch of pickup truck drivers used their trucks to block access to a Supercharger station and reportedly yelled profanities about Tesla until they were removed from the premises. The incident happened in Hickory, North Carolina last weekend. A Tesla ownerContinue reading “Tesla Protest in North Carolina? (Superchargers Blocked)”

Teetering at the edge ( activist overload )

  I’m a baby boomer from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve been involved in politics since I was fifteen years old.   I was fascinated by the students who attended UC Berkeley.  At 15, 16, the students treated me like an equal. Their passion was contagious. I participated in protests throughout the Bay Area.Continue reading “Teetering at the edge ( activist overload )”

Drinking Water for Oil (If your watching TV News then you’ve missed the picture)

Bernie Sanders talked about it in September he said the oil would poison the water Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Protested .   Donald and Hillary avoided the topic.  Major oil companies want to pipe oil underneath Indian Reservations, Lakes and yes under the mighty Mississippi River that provide drinking water to population centers andContinue reading “Drinking Water for Oil (If your watching TV News then you’ve missed the picture)”

Anger spreads to Sacramento

In what , began in New York three weeks ago has spread to Sacramento, New Orleans and other cites across the country Thursday. An estimaed 500 protesters marched from Cesar Chavez Park to the Capital.  Sacramento Police arrested some of “Occupy Sacramento” the protesters yesterday.. “Occupy” is a rapidly growning grass roots movment that began in NewContinue reading “Anger spreads to Sacramento”