Swiss sex tourists slapped with seatbelt fine

The sexed-up Swiss willingly accepted to pay the penalty there and then, which meant it was reduced by half. Photo: German Lama/AFP Three married Swiss couples who were having sex in a van when their driver was stopped by Ibiza,Spain policemen have been fined for not wearing their seatbelts. A routine breathalyzer test on theContinue reading “Swiss sex tourists slapped with seatbelt fine”

Chairs 2 Men? – Its Freaky Friday, August 15th, 2015

        2        Warning, this is short and Graphic Seattle Washington Q What do you get, when you mix an intoxicated woman,commando in a short dress?  A A  woman who humps lawn chairs. Imagine looking out your window and finding a woman in short skirt and no visible underwear grinding onContinue reading “Chairs 2 Men? – Its Freaky Friday, August 15th, 2015”

We don’t do THAT in Niceville!

Some fourteen year old’s find inspiration in church but not many.   So what do you do when your parents insist you go to church?  Masturbate?   At least that’s what one fourteen year old boy did Sunday in the sanctuary of the  First United Methodist Church in Niceville, Florida. He was bored and its wasn’t like this was the firstContinue reading “We don’t do THAT in Niceville!”