Pollution by Design

Realtor.com predicts Sacramento will be the strongest housing market in the nation this year.   In the last few years Sacramento, has been the fastest growing large city in the state. Cailfornians are moving to the central part of the state where home prices are considerablely lower than the coastal areas of the state.  InContinue reading “Pollution by Design”

Street Cars: Trump Delays funding on Sacramento’s next White Elephant

white elephant (def)  a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.    2015, Supporters of  Sacramento’s measure B told us.  Sacramento would  benefit all our neighborhoods by improving mobility between midtown, downtown, and West Sacramento with an affordable transit system that is authentically Sacramento.   Measure B wouldContinue reading “Street Cars: Trump Delays funding on Sacramento’s next White Elephant”

SCHWARZENEGGER VS THE POOR (Part 73) attack on public transit

Arnold’s   election wasn’t a referendum, it was a call for action from an actor.    One day you were watching Day’s of our lives and the next moment you weren’t and gone was your lights.    No Power?   Rolling brown outs…  What the hell…… Hitler had a larger fan base than then governor Grey Davis.Continue reading “SCHWARZENEGGER VS THE POOR (Part 73) attack on public transit”