Magician: LOOK HERE! Not Here

He got us!   A good Magician distracts the audience, he gets the audience to look right as he is working left.   Several major stories broke the day, he attacked Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Twitter  The administration was aware of the stories. These stories would have normally dominated the news. Especially theContinue reading “Magician: LOOK HERE! Not Here”

The World’s Largest Money Launderer

PresidentVladimir Putinis continuing his program of “nationalizing the elite,” bringing them further under his control. With this goal in mind, Putin signed two decrees in recent days, one mandating that officials report their incomes and expenses and another requiring that they declare all foreign assets. The laws, which go into force on July 1, will significantly change the rules of the game for the country’s political elite.Continue reading “The World’s Largest Money Launderer”