Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights

By: Erika D. Smith/Sacramento Bee The story of Zhalisa Clarke — a black woman who was minding her own business at a Raley’s in Citrus Heights when cashier accused her of shoplifting and called the police — didn’t make national news. It could have. In fact, it should have. Like Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson,Continue reading “Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights”

Lemon Pie in the Dark

This year was different, this year I didn’t pig out at Thankgiving,  This year I didn’t completely black out and eat an entire Chocolate Nativity Scene, includng baby Jesus (for the record-I’m not in the habit of eating baby Jesus’s-the basket was made out of a Cadbury egg-who knew Jesus was in there?).    I’m onContinue reading “Lemon Pie in the Dark”

Watch out Raley’s and Safeway: Walmart want to expand….

As we’ve reported, the giant retailer has been quietly exploring an aggressive move into mostly urban markets with smaller-format stores focusing on food sales. Now we hear that details – possibly including the announcement of a dozen or more  Sacramento-area sites – are likely to be disclosed next month at a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. meeting withContinue reading “Watch out Raley’s and Safeway: Walmart want to expand….”

Your Local Supermarket may soon be a part of History

There was a time in America ,not long ago,milk and other dairy products where delivered to your home, you went to the bakery for bread, to the butchers for meat, and to a produce stand for your fruits and vegetables. It is said in 1916, Clarence Saunders opened the  first supermarket in Memphis Tennessee, oneContinue reading “Your Local Supermarket may soon be a part of History”