Real Housewives of Atlanta Cancelled? Victim of Georgia’s Abortion Law

Cynthia Bailey, Shamari Fears, Eva Marcille, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, and Porsha Williams in The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)

Georgia is a major player in Film and TV Production due to its tax incentives.   There are more films produced in Georgia than in California.

Popular shows like The Walking Dead, Ozark are filmed in around Atlanta.  Marvel’s parts of the  mega hits “Black Panther” and “Avengers Endgame” were filmed in Metro Atlanta.

10 Billion Dollars

Is the estimated economic impact for the State of Georgia

The controversial abortion law signed by Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp that will ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy may have a dramatic economic impact on the states Film Industry. And while the law doesn’t go into effect until Jan next year a few productions have cancelled filming in Georgia.  Most if not all major studios may turn elsewhere when the law goes into effect.

Amazon Studios’ has recently cancelled all film production in the state as has Kristen Wiig’s upcoming comedy “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar”.

On Wednesday, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger told Reuters it would be “very difficult” to keep filming in Georgia if the new law went into effect. Netflix Inc. on Tuesday said it would “rethink” its investment in Georgia if the law goes into effect.

Filming of Bravo’s  popular “The Real Housewives of Atlanta may be on hold for the season.   Bravo is owned by NBCUniversal.



Sheree Whitfield Fired from RHOA?

Image result for sheree whitfield

It ain’t official until Bravo’s fat lady sings.

Sources tell that Sheree has gotten the boot and won’t be returning for season 11.

 In our poll…….

“Who should leave the show”  47% chose Sheree.    In story, Porsha Williams took to social media to rejoice in Sheree’s firing.      Porsha may want to pump her brakes.   In our poll, she was second to Sheree, with 26% believing she should get the boot.

Atlanta is in trouble, in need of a major cast change.   In our view three or more housewives should get a pink slip..  Many of us believed Kenya Moore, was gone.  She was MIA in three episodes, her new hubby Marc Daly wanted nothing to do with the show.

He appeared in the last episode AND in the reunion.  Word on the street ,the old Kenya was back in the reunion.  Last week,she was sitting next to Andy on WWHL.

Marlo Hampton was the favored to get a peach.  I’m willing to wager ten dollars Kim Zolciak Biermann will not return.

News at 11



The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sp9 Ep13 : If these woods could talk

Q: What do you get when you mix  Sheree Whitfield with Marlo Hampton?

A: A lot of Shit!

Picking up from where we left off, the wonderful housewives are in a bus heading for the camping grounds.   The heat between Kenya and Porsha  has calmed, at least for now.  However, Kenya  still doesn’t believe Porsha’s anger management classes are working.

The ladies arrive to check in  and the desk clerk reminds them to watch out for critters in the woods.   Remember, Pheadra made arrangements for the ladies but Kandi, Porsha and Sheree, all brought uninvited guests..   Poor Sheree, at checkin, Marlo announces has gas issues.  Sheree brought everything but a GAS mask.

Earn your Peach

Alone in their cabin, Sheree the shit stirrer (maybe its appropriate Marlo is her roomate) coyly mentions  someone in the group is: “dipping in the lady pond”.  She doesn’t mention a name. but Marlo asks if its Kandi?

Sheree says she really hates the fakery. The ladies have real issues with each other but act  all friendly and nice when they hang out.

 Porsha and Phaedra have been throwing around Kandi hooking up with Shamea are just another example of stabbing a buddy in the back while kissing them on the cheek.

Shereé’s diabolical plan is to bring up the rumors during their upcoming campfire session of “Ask Marlo,”

Its Marlo Time! 

While they may have compy cabins, tonight its about the full outdoor camping experience, its Tent City Baby.

While the ladies all have their cans and bottles of bug sprays.  Leave it to Marlo, to bedazzle her can with sparkles.

While the professional can assemble his tent in five minutes, the women take much longer.   Some took two hours.

After all the tents competed, its time for roasting marshmallows and housewives. Porsha’s sister Lauren starts the “Ask Marlo ” segment of the evening.   Asking Marlo what was the deal between Marlo and Kenya.  Kenya’s look is “not again”  Marlo seems happy to share . Explaining how Kenya  left her out of a birthday and housewarming party.   While Kenya said , she “apologized multiple times” for what happened Marlo doesn’t remember and the two goes back and forth and then Marlo goes deep by saying  You know  she’s a bad person when her own mother won’t even talk to her,” which gets a immediate reaction from all the ladies .   Phaedra sweeps in and changes the conversation. .

The Morning After 

Tent free, the ladies head back to the cabins..At lunch, the topic becomes divorce. First up Pheadra. What’s the status and why its taking so long?   Kandi say’s she heard it only takes 60 days for a divorce to go through when one party is in jail (you can all most hear Mama Joyce coming through her mouth) but Porsha steps in to defend Phaedra, stating that Apollo never wanted the divorce to be finalized, and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Cynthia ,talks about her divorce from Peter . She believes they’re close to signing.  She wants closure with Peter, but he simply wants to sign the paper and be over with it.   The ladies take turns consoling her.  Peace.

At the Lake

One thing is very clear, Sheree is a city girl. She’s one for wigs, weaves  makeup and nails.  She is not feeling  the bugs, lakes or boats. She is having a fit with nature. The rest of the ladies are enjoying the canoes and paddle boats. Sheree stays on the shore, trying to avoid the flying critters.


Easy peezy, just climb up some stairs, a hundred feet and jump.  Kenya’s excited, Phaedra Sheree, and Cynthia looks up and says “nope” out the gate.  Kenya goes for it and tries her damnedest  to make it look easy.  Kandi went and looked as if she Jumps daily. Porsha, take a leap of faith, cries up and cries down. Everyone is happy.

A Candlelight Dinner (cue scary music)

The table was beautiful, the ladies are dressed (glamping) . They reminisce about the day’s events and then…………..

Kenya apologizes (yet again) for hurting Marlo’s feelings.  The MARLO apologizes for going low about her mother. Kenya is moved.  Then (cue scary music) Marlo says she’ll move forward “with caution.” Then Marlo decides to take it there by  asking Kandi if she is a lesbian.

Are we all enjoying the salad ?

Every bodies eyes popped out with Kandi being the most confused. . Marlo clarifies that she heard the rumor from specific people in the group, which sends everyone into a fit trying to defend themselves.

Porsha and  Pheadra who started all this mess are quiet. Pheadra’s plan was to keep her mouth on the glass of wine she was drinking.    Porsha,  took the Owl route, by continually asking Who?

Sheree is pissed, fit to be tied and finally calls out Porsha, and everyone crack ups having to watch Porsha pretend to be surprised.  Shereé tells Kandi about when Porsha said, “She’s still in the closet.” Kandi shuts it all down, saying she’s “done things” with women in the past, but now she is strictly dickly for her husband. She adds that Porsha has her own experiences in the same area and won’t own up to it.

The Cool Down

The group divides into smaller groups.  In the rooms, they break it DOWN. Kandi vents her frustrations to Hazel, Kenya, and Cynthia, calling Porsha an “aggressive lesbian” when she gets drunk.   In another room , Porsha, Lauren, and Phaedra get upset over Kandi insinuating that Porsha has ever done something sexual with another woman.

Hope your taking note for the reunion.   For now I will call it LesbianGate!   Ellen, Rosie O Donnell and Wyand Sikes will break it down for us.

Coming soon Kim Zolciak, and possibly a woman named Leakes

Hot Damm!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep6 “Taste Like Trouble”

Image result for the real housewives of atlanta season 9 episode 6

Stage Drama, Real Drama, In yo bizness drama.  The ladies turned up it on EP 6.

Image result for bomb

Last weeks bomb scare at Phaedra’s law office may have been a cultural misunderstanding.  Phaedra’s artist friend, aptly named  “Drama Drama” went to the wrong office.  Reportedly telling someone his new CD was da Bomb and folks overacted.

BS alert: We love Phaedra. The reining queen of shade.  She love a big production and being over the top. So she gets out of the elevator, and there is the paparazzi (oh my lawd) she didn’t know!  “The members of this news crew the press looks likef people who just happened to be in the Starbucks downstairs. (hey guys wanna be on TV?)  No one had a professional camera or mic.  One chump had a cell phone. She chose some man named Freddie, who had a new Nikon Camera.  It was just sad.  Then she had a security meeting with all they she could assemble . Her mama, brother, nanny, and other employees.  A man from the Nation of Islam (great bean pies) was talking about security. I guess its important to know how to take someone out should he attack an office worker with a CD.       Like other Phaedra productions this one was over the top and just too much and yes we all know fakery when we see it.    Phaedra, were gonna have to take away 5 bonus points.


Mama Joyce Reporting from the Streets

Mama Joyce was relatively quiet last season. This season she will NOT be ignored!     She currently ranks #3 in the shade competition.

We see Joyce in a Mata Hari outfit. Long coat scarf completely covering her head and sunglasses.  She is there to ask the attorney Randy Kessler  about divorce laws in Georgia.  She has a question for a “friend”.  The ‘friend is Phaedra, and she wants to know how long it takes to get a divorce when the husband is in jail.   Messy, Messy, Messy.   I believe Randy Kessler attorney represented Apollo.  Joyce says she is going after Phaedra because Phaedra is coming for her daughter Kandi. Joyce said ” She wouldn’t piss on Phaedra, if Phaedra was on fire”  Perhaps she off her meds.

 Her methods, are sketchy at best.   Kandi needs to find Mama a man ,women, or just  keep her medicated. The woman  needs something to do.  Gonna give the misguided and twisted Joyce. 3 bonus points.

Porsha Williams, Bless her Heart

Porsha! Porsha! Porsha!  Funny! Sexy! Slow!

Porsha’s lease is up on her current house and we find her on the Sofa looking at houses on her tablet.  She tells her mother and sister she is looking for a large house in the suburbs because she wants a family.     She glows about Todd who she met on Facebook?, and tells them that he has two sons and basic random stuff.  She failed to tell them that he said he wasn’t interested.  He didn’t want to be a sperm donor.  She has to be out of the house she in and buy a new house in 45 days, which is at lease three week (at least in Porsha’s brain) Fa la la la, la la la la!

Cynthia Hair It is!

If there was a housewife hair contest.  Cynthia would win hands down.  From scene to scene she givin us Erykah Badu braids and then Diana Ross! anything and everything you want. Power to the weavers!

She too, visit her attorney and everything looks good . The divorce is less then two months away.  We learned from Peter she told the media about their divorce before she told him.  Ouch!

Kenya and the Boy

I want to believe Kenya, I think she cares for Matt but*

 Cynthia visits Moore Manor. The custom cake she made for Matt is untouched. She tells Cynthia.Matt didn’t make his own birthday party and stays in California with his sister.  We see Kenya’s security footage of Matt in a fit of rage breaking glass in Kenya’s garage which sets off warning bells in Cynthia.

Despite all the drama, Kenya wants to see Matt and give it another try. We see her begging Matt for a sit down.   We see her talking to members of the production staff and asking for advice.  What we see is Kenya in love with a bad boy, and based what weve seen, Matt’s a baby throwing tantrums.

Matt drives up to Moore Manor and wont get out of his SUV.  We learned is Matt wanted to talk, but off camera.  Kenya’s pleading for him to talk.   He is clearly frustrated  by the presence of the cameras. * He calls her manipulative and we learn she bought his airline tickets to California.  Hmmm? (What’s ;with the big story?)

Weve seen Kenya struggle with men on RHOA.  Manufactured boyfriends, and rumors of have a storyline.    Even some of the fans who dislike Kenya wants to see her with someone.  But she makes it difficult . Minus 5 bonus Points.

I got somethin for everybody!

The  opening of the Old Ladies Restaurant is testing the marriage of Kandi and Todd.  She’s trying to stand by her man, but they have a long way to go $$$$$$ and Todd keeps telling her, he’s handling it.

Its time to get the menu together and taste the food.   There  is Kandi and Todd, the OLG, featuring Bertha,Nora and Mama Joyce.    We soon learn, all the other housewives are invited.    Including Phaedra.   Kandi greets Bertha and Nora.  Bertha makes it clear she bought the cake.    The ladies stagger in.

 Sheree arrives full of messy piss and vinegar.

At the table she sits down and says to Mama Joyce  “Your looking might fine-I had a hair style like yours and Kenya said I had on a tired Ass Mama Joyce wig”    Kenya nearly choked, That’s not what I said !   Of course she did and there’s film.     Joyce not missing a beat and splashing Kenya with shade at the same time said.    You betta wished you look this good at 67 and IT’S ALL NATURAL!  

Meanwhile Mama Joyce is waiting and  locked and loaded for Phaedra.     Mama Joyce starts in on Phaedra using that old lady voice of concern.   How you doin boo? I heard what your going through and wanted to tell you about what the divorce lawyer said.    Kandi overhearing part of the conversation, went Mama! and grabbed Joyce.

 Cynthia comes in and the discussion changes about the office boom.  As Phaedra is telling the story.  Mama Joyce says from “what I read, the man said he wanted to blow you the fuck up!   Phaedra: wait what?   “I’m just sayin he wanted to blow you the fuck up”   “That not necessarily what he said ? Phaedra goes into what happened and homeland security

Suddenly , Sheree turns to Kandi. Have you heard from Block?  Kandi, taken off guard Block? I don’t wanna talk about Block!  Kandi could have shut it down, but no . He was talking about co-parenting? she adds   Porsha, said Anit Riley damm near grown?   Sheree wasn’t done with the mess.   Porsha did Block say anything about Riley to you.?  

Sheree knows everything, her motives was messy. Kandi shared this information with her weeks ago.     She knew Porsha dated Block,well after Kandi.   She also knows Kandi is private about Block.   Kandi could have quashed the entire unnecessary conversation by staying quiet.  Porsha, on the other hand didn’t bite.   Sheree brought the drama however no bonus points.


 Your Thoughts


Last Week

Sheree’s Son Was Arrested


The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep3 “Ghost of Boyfriends Past”

Image result for russell spencer

Photo: Goggle/Heavy com

First things first, someone needs to put the last nail in the coffin of Sheree’s and Kenya housing wars.  Move in already pay your mortgage.

The court is clear, Porsha and Phaedra owns the comic corner of RHOA.  It doesn’t  matter if they’re in a hotel room, a restaurant or park.   Phaedra got the shade and jokes. Porsha, gives her the energy.   More not Moore!

Porsha is clear she’s giving up on the fantasy ,she wants a child.   She’s been in contact with an old boyfriend. Todd.    She wants Todd  to be they father, the donor.  She doesn’t want a relationship, she wants his seed. He’s divorced, has children and isn’t feeling it.

Speaking of children, Kenya and Matt drives to Cincinnati for the family reunion.  Kenya meets Matt’s family.  Todd’s mother and father seems to like her (SHOCK HORROR) she is the “first”women Todd has introduced to his mother.  However, big sis isn’t feeling her.  She knows her little brother loves Kenya, the question is does Kenya love Matt? Is she using her brother?  Mom and dad may be sold, but sis isn’t convinced. Three words of advice to Kenya. Watch yo Ass!

Cynthia, mother and sister Malorie visits.  Within seconds of their arrival,Cynthia learns Peter has called Malorie. (Odd, I thought they didn’t like each other)   Peter told Mal that he misses his wife. The divorced papers are signed.   Turning the page.

Sheree visit’s her ex’s (Bob Whitfield) at his home.  Bob is losing weight and trying to woo her.  Many wonder if this is a manufactured Bravo relationship? But I think  there is real a spark between the two. But the former Mrs Whitfield is very cautious.  Bob will have to jump through a few hoops.  Stay Tuned.

The Main Event

Setting: (The Kandi Factory Offices)

A business meeting is about begin.  A women enters the meeting unannounced talking. Kris Kelli inters the room.  The look on the faces in the room  was one of shock, like bitch, do you know?  Hello?    Todd got up and Kris sits in his chair.

Kandi takes Kris into her office.   Kris is there to talk about her boyfriends daughter, Riley.   Riley’s bio dad Block (Russell Spencer).   WTF?   She’s there to help mend  Riley and Block’s relationship. Now you know this is going to go wrong!  After Kris leaves Kandi’s group they wants to know  why Kris made it her business?  After all this is none of her business!

Meanwhile at Blocks studio. Kris tells a different story . A third person, Kandi’s good friend Lena was in the studio . Kris and Block said Block was trying to be a good dad but Kandi and Riley blocked him. He puts its on Riley to call him. Lena asks Block how often he was their for Riley over the years?  This quiets Blocks noise.

Following a workout with Sheree, Kandi shares her story with Sheree .In the eight years the ladies have known each other. Kandi has never dicussed Riley’s father Block.  Sheree and Kandi didn’t have fathers in their lives and clearly  remember the disappointments.  Kandi tells Sheree, when she was pregnant,   Brock said he wouldn’t have anything to do with the child.  she said that’s fine mutha fucker because he would need Riley before she needs him!   Even though Kandi wants nothing to do with Block. She wanted Riley to have a relationship with her dad

Note:Riley Looks like her dad

REUNION ALERT!  When Sheree learns Porsha had a relationship with Block. Sheree says “some people will bust open for any old body”.

Sheree and Kandi know what is like to be disappointed by their fathers. Sheree complimented Bob for stepping up in his relationships with his children.



Na 2 da no! no! NO!

Dont Call Sheree a Hoe!


“RHOA” S8 Ep7 Brown Liquor and NBA Krazy

Glen Rice Jr. Is Rude To Kandi

This was a good episode with drama and comedy.  Episode 7  began were 6 left off.

Tammy’s Crazy Nephew?

Rule of thumb, if you see crazy,  leave crazy where they are.  You don’t pick them up and bring them with your unless your cray cray!!  “K”

Tammy’s nephew was cray on the boat in the last episode, something was wrong. He was short mean, and aggressive,  TROUBLE waiting to happen. So the party with the brown liquor moves into the house.   Cynthia, Kim and Kandi stay straight limiting their drinks to the basics and water.

Kim, is still tight, unable to loosen up.  At one point she calls home and talks bout Chef Boy r Dee. (Come on Kim, Please!).  Nearly every one is in the pool.  The nephew, Glen Rice Jr, is still wound tight. He snaps at Kandi “Shit, I don’t want nothing with you. You know I don’t care. As long as I’m respectful, I’ll do anything.” The only thing calming him down is Sheree,  home cheese was into the former Mr’s Whitfield.

Tammy being Tammy was on one side of the pool during her own thing.  The ladies was making light fun of her, nothing insulting or serious.  Nephew goes off the deep end defending her aunt and called the ladies bitches.

Kenya, get word and decides he needs to go.   Home cheese loses it and confronts all of the women.  Tammy, tries to calm him down and gets knocked out  in the process by her nephew.  He was out of control ,the crew and some of the other men subdues Rice and Tammy is taken to a local hospital. Rice is gone.

Who is Glen Rice Jr?

A professional basketball player, who once played for the 76ers and the Washington Wizards.    Rice currently plays for the Rio Grand Valley Vipers (Hidalgo Texas).  In October, Rice  was shot in the leg outside an Atlanta Restaurant and was arrested for carrying a half pound of weed.

Kenya did it she always does

A lot of  the women blamed Kenya for Rice’s behavior, WRONG!

Something tells me this wasn’t the first time he has hit a woman.

I’m Good

Kim decides this is enough excitement for her and checks into a hotel.

 The next day, Kandi says she’s out and returns to Atlanta.

People and their Imaginations

The ladies chilling after the drama. Hear’s’ a  late night knock on the door.  Its Tammy, fresh from the hospital  in a robe and hospital slippers looks like the walking dead, while the women are laughing . Tammy is not amused.

Kenya has no love for Kim

Kim is the lady with common sense. Your not likely to see her making a fool of herself and she isn’t shy about speaking her truth.   She pisses Kenya off, but Kenya wants her to tweak her show.  So she tolerates Kim

I can appreciate the direction Bravo’s going in*.  I saw it last year in RHONY. No dragging out the fights.

Next week we get to see Kandi’s assistant Don Juan being overly dramatic for the producers.  He wants on the show!

See Ya Next Week

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RHOA: S8 EP3 If you want “DRAMA” Don’t call Kim Fields


Even though I’ve heard Kim Fields explanation  on various talk shows the question remains why ?  Why Bravo, why Housewives and the other question, why Atlanta.   What will RHOA do for her career?  She is an accomplish actress and directtor.

On her second outting we’ve learned that she is a homebody who loves  her children,husband and her life.  Kim is shy, and unlike the other housewives who would show up at part of the  Kima red carpet event at Walgreens. Kim avoids the red carpet unless she is a  Kim is shy, unlike the other housewives who would show up at a red projectim is shy, unlike the other housewives who would show up at a red carpet event at Walgreens. Kim avoids the red carpet unless she is a part of the  Kim is shy, unlike the other housewives who would show up at a red pro.