Street Cars: Trump Delays funding on Sacramento’s next White Elephant

white elephant (def)  a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.    2015, Supporters of  Sacramento’s measure B told us.  Sacramento would  benefit all our neighborhoods by improving mobility between midtown, downtown, and West Sacramento with an affordable transit system that is authentically Sacramento.   Measure B wouldContinue reading “Street Cars: Trump Delays funding on Sacramento’s next White Elephant”

Trapped in Downtown Sacramento

Final touches are being added to the New Golden 1 Center at 5th and J Streets in Downtown Sacramento. After more than a decade of ultimatums and threats ,the new home of the Sacramento Kings will open October 4th with a Paul McCartney Concert. The half billion dollar venue can accommodate 17,500 for basketball and 19,200Continue reading “Trapped in Downtown Sacramento”

Trapped on RT next to a man with Horrific Breath

The plan: Light Rail out to the Folsom Outlets.  Get a little reading done and a little lunch at the shopping center. Detour 1:  Rite Aid on K Streets for  breath mints (an omen?) Detour 2:  Changing trains on R  Street  Detour 3:  Hasty exit at Watt And the rest of the story.    OnContinue reading “Trapped on RT next to a man with Horrific Breath”

Bloomberg is # 2 and Channel 13 goes retro: Just sayin for Nov 3,2010

While all the other stations 3, 10,40 went  high tech with touch screen computers, channel 13’s reporters used a marker to color in states as they turned red- and she stayed remarkably within the lines. Speaking of KOVR, the skyline used at the opening on the news looks more like Philadelphia than Sacramento, the shot last less thanContinue reading “Bloomberg is # 2 and Channel 13 goes retro: Just sayin for Nov 3,2010”


  Lucky you, your a part of the first group boarded on the airplane,  putting away your carry on was a snap, you’ve open you book and all is right with the world until……..You see me, you notice the empty seat next to you and you start to pray…oh gawd, please not here. At 6.4 and 377 pounds IContinue reading “THE OBESE TRAVELER SPEAKS”