Why Leaving My Husband At Home Saved Our Marriage

By: Liz Pardue-Schultz/Your Tango Who we are in public together matters way, way less than who we are to each other at home. At some point during most of the weddings, funerals, and reunions I’ve attended, there’s a moment where the couples I’m socializing with stare at me wide-eyed while I share some marriage adviceContinue reading “Why Leaving My Husband At Home Saved Our Marriage”

Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?

As unemployment rates spike, many relationships now feature a new and emotionally complex element of financial support By: Celina Ribeiro/UkGuardian “Like having a brick thrown at you,” is how Belinda* describes the days following her sudden redundancy. “You have a certain view of yourself, and that sense of worth is tied to the job thatContinue reading “Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?”

Dating Diaries:He didn’t respect my social distancing request. Plus, he was rude

From the Toronto Star Catherine is 37, works in financial technology and lives in King West. She says, “When I asked a friend to describe me, the first thing that she said was ‘bougie.’ Once a guy took me to an upscale cocktail bar on our first date, which he selected because I ‘come acrossContinue reading “Dating Diaries:He didn’t respect my social distancing request. Plus, he was rude”

8 Common Body Language Mistakes That Destroy Relationships

  A simple gesture can sink you without you ever having to say a word By Jeremy Brown/YyourTangocom Ever get the feeling that people find you to be cold, defensive, or unapproachable? Or that, your spouse finds you to be combative when you’re simply trying to hear them out? Your body language might be to blame. You might beContinue reading “8 Common Body Language Mistakes That Destroy Relationships”

Germany: Advice for sex and dating during the coronavirus crisis?

How do you get close to a potential romantic partner during the pandemic? Photo: DPA By Rachal Loxton/The Local Some countries have issued frank sex advice for single people, while others have kept it vague. What’s the official advice in Germany when it comes to dating in the time of corona? Since the height ofContinue reading “Germany: Advice for sex and dating during the coronavirus crisis?”

Planning My Father-Daughter Dance Without My Dad

My father, even in death, is teaching me that grief doesn’t have to overshadow joy. Photos courtesy of Lilly Dancyger. By: Lilly Dancyger When I thought about the part of a typical wedding reception where the groom dances with his mother and the bride dances with her father, I seriously considered not having a receptionContinue reading “Planning My Father-Daughter Dance Without My Dad”

Desert bloom: My wedding day, inside a California prison

The prison has been the third person in my relationship for years, and now it’s the third person in my marriage   By Keeonna Harris/Salon.com    Today is the day. I run my fingers across the fabric of my dress. It’s almost too perfect to take off the wire hanger. I knew this was the dress — longContinue reading “Desert bloom: My wedding day, inside a California prison”

See you at the next funeral

“Ain’t no drama, like family drama, cause family drama, don’t stop!“ Color me hopeful. My father died when I was six years old and my brother is nearly a generation older and didn’t appreciate my existence. There was one man in the family who took me under his wing, my Uncle. He would take meContinue reading “See you at the next funeral”

Loneliness Is Fatal. Video Games Can Keep Men Alive

Guys say their gaming friendships are as “real” as any IRL bonds. By: Sean O’Neal /Mens Health MEN ARE LONELY, or so we’ve heard. Not from our friends—that would require actually sharing our feelings, which we’re not great at—but from an endless cascade of think pieces and scientific studies sounding the alarm on the growing crisis of male loneliness.Continue reading “Loneliness Is Fatal. Video Games Can Keep Men Alive”

Trapped: Fast Love and Good Intentions

It was real love,true love, you didn’t know each other long, but it made sense to move in together. After a few weeks, some realities being to settle in. Undiscussed realities begin to surface. Your love spent their very last dime to be with you. While you’ve talked of colors, dreams and positions. No oneContinue reading “Trapped: Fast Love and Good Intentions”