Is Your Boyfriend Secretly Gay?

Kiri Blakeley thought she knew everything about her fiancé. Then he let her in on his big secret. We need to talk.” Before journalist Kiri Blakeley’s fiancé uttered these words, she had no idea he was a closeted gay man—who had been having sex with other guys for two years. On the release of herContinue reading “Is Your Boyfriend Secretly Gay?”

Sex: Why slower (and older) may be better

  Recently, my very own mother discovered romance anew and is having what can only be described as a love affair. Her last boyfriend passed away a couple of years ago, so I’m happy for her in all her giddiness. And while nobody likes to think about their parents having sex, I can’t help butContinue reading “Sex: Why slower (and older) may be better”

When a Friend Gets Divorced: The Male Perspective

Earlier this week, when I decided to entertain the topic of how married men process the fact a close friend is getting divorced, I thought of several films I’ve seen over the years featuring orphans. Stay with me. Have you ever watched an orphan movie? And I don’t mean the time you acted as aContinue reading “When a Friend Gets Divorced: The Male Perspective”


A violent domestic dispute was ignited when a Florida woman “un-friended” her beau on Facebook and changed her relationship status on the popular social networking site, according to police. The altercation Saturday between Thomas Gannon and Tina Cash reportedly began when Gannon confronted his girlfriend about the updates on her Facebook page, according ot aContinue reading “SERIOUSLY,U WILL NOT!!! UNFRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK!!!”

Polyamory: Love, multiplied

Counseling people who have more than one partner On a list of specialties that includes life coaching,relationship issues, sex therapy and spirituality, local marriage and family therapist Adrienne Parker-Morano also includes polyamory. Say what? For some, the word “polyamory” may conjure up images of wife-swapping, wild orgies or a Mormon lifestyle straight out of theContinue reading “Polyamory: Love, multiplied”

A Valentine’s Day wish for the lovelorn: Learn to pick up the phone

    For those of us who are single, Valentine’s Day can be full of bittersweet flashbacks: that first kiss on the playground after Jimmy gave you a “Be Mine” card or that time you had the guts to tell Max you wanted to be more than friends and he agreed. When memories of loves-no-longerContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day wish for the lovelorn: Learn to pick up the phone”

Were in an Open Marriage

Would you be okay if your husband had a girlfriend? Or what if your wife went on vacation with her male lover – without you — could you handle that? Most people admittedly could not, with such ideas often igniting feelings of rage, jealousy, a barrage of expletives or even cause windows to be busted.Continue reading “Were in an Open Marriage”

10 (More) Reasons Why He’s Scared to Commit

The reason there’s so much discussion about dating is because it’s a tough endeavor, especially for guys.  The chances of finding someone compatible that you also find attractive are low,and the chances of something going wrong are high. Also, once you find this person, you both have to overcome your issues to make it work.Continue reading “10 (More) Reasons Why He’s Scared to Commit”

College girls woo sugar daddies

FACED with high fees and poor job prospects, Chinese students are, like their Western counterparts, taking to the streets – but not in quite the same way. A growing number of “student concubines” are marketing themselves to older, richer men willing to support their studies and pay for a desirable lifestyle. Millions of female studentsContinue reading “College girls woo sugar daddies”

Sex and the Single Guy (7 Types of Sex – Which One Is Most Exciting?)

Some might say that great sex is based on pushing boundaries or kinkiness but, in my not-so-expert opinion, great sex is based on tension. I think sex is 90% anticipation, and only 10% the act.  It’s about chemistry and subtle realizations. With each minute you spend together you’re creating mental and spiritual foreplay building tension beforeContinue reading “Sex and the Single Guy (7 Types of Sex – Which One Is Most Exciting?)”