Wednesday Afternoon at the Cal Neva Casino

Picture: Google  The glory days of Reno as gaming city has long past. For years RENO was the destination for gambling and  by the mid 50’s  the city was surpassed by Las Vegas as the largest gaming destination in the United States. There are more closed hotels and casinos on Reno’s Virginia Street than open.Continue reading “Wednesday Afternoon at the Cal Neva Casino”

Random Racism in Reno

Who and What is a Racist?  An individual who has made a generalization  or assumption based on race.   I do not believe anyone is totally exempt from this from time to time. Reno Nevada is one of my favorite getaways, I love the drive through the Sierra’s, I particularly like the drive in the winter, every thing is white.Continue reading “Random Racism in Reno”

Is Hot August Nights Moving to Long Beach?

Reno the biggest little city in the world ,was once the gaming capitol of the United States, that was nearly sixty years ago.    Las Vegas built the larger casinos,  its convention center is one of the largest in the US.    In 1976, New Jersey Voters Approved Gambling in Atlantic City.   Finally, IndianContinue reading “Is Hot August Nights Moving to Long Beach?”