TRAVEL ALERT: Before you buy your Plane Ticket…………

Typically, when your planning a trip online , you purchase the Airline Tickets, book the hotel and then make car rental reservations. Its time to change the order…………. Recently, I was planning a trip from Sacramento to Dallas. I found a great price online  for my airline tickets.($210)   The hotel,was a hundred dollars a night.Continue reading “TRAVEL ALERT: Before you buy your Plane Ticket…………”

In Hawaii, Rental-Car Demand Skyrockets, Sending Tourists to U-Haul Rentals

Sebastian Blanco\ The Pandemic hit the rental car industry hard last year, and many companies sold off excess vehicles. Now, with vaccines available and travelers returning to places like Hawaii, rental-car lots are pretty empty, which means surprisingly high prices. A Toyota Camry cost $700 a day on Maui last month, and even now, it’s difficult to findContinue reading “In Hawaii, Rental-Car Demand Skyrockets, Sending Tourists to U-Haul Rentals”

Travel: The $6.00 a day rental car

There are ultra low cost airlines, economy hotel/motel chains and, super low cost rental car companies. These companies have been around for years, usually at off airport locations. Today, they can be found at airports, sharing space with Avis, Budget, Hertz and National. Getting what you pay for? The most obvious trade off with theContinue reading “Travel: The $6.00 a day rental car”