“The Crime of Being Black in a City That Doesn’t Want You There”

  Hundreds of towns have passed nuisance ordinances that evict renters for calling the cops. By: Samantha Michaels/Mother Jones Beverley Somai was afraid of her downstairs neighbor. She first called the police on him because he was playing music so loudly it shook the floorboards of her Bedford, Ohio, apartment. But things escalated last yearContinue reading ““The Crime of Being Black in a City That Doesn’t Want You There””

Sacramentians Must Demand Rent Control !

The reality is,citizens need relief yesterday.   Locating funding for affordable housing could take years or decades.  High rental costs will only increase homelessness in the city effecting the quality of life for all Sacramentians.   

Germany: Landlords can’t stop men standing to pee

Splashy urinators may now micturate in peace, after a man won a court battle against his landlord for the right to tinkle as nature intended. The Local The man sued his landlord after he refused to pay back  $2100.00 of a $33,000 deposit, saying he needed the money to repair urine-related damage on the bathroom floor. TheContinue reading “Germany: Landlords can’t stop men standing to pee”