Zimbabwe: Kentucky Fried Chicken stores out of chicken and cash

Leading fast-food chains in Zimbabwe have shut their doors as the cash crunch in the country worsens – just two months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa won elections. KFC put up notices at its branches in the capital, Harare, and the second city, Bulawayo, saying they would remain closed “during these difficult times” until further notice. […]

Broke Down Diva

What is a”Broke Down Diva?” A woman who wants everything her way and nothing else! (Jennie.G) A Female that expects everything from someone else (Trophy wife) ( Stephanie F) A pretender, a Diva wanna be, who gets off on belittling others, wants to live the lives of the Rich and famous but she eats at […]

Death threats and angry chefs – when restaurant reviews go wrong

Eating nice food for a living sounds great, but there are downsides: from being unmasked to finding out, after you’ve published a glowing review, that there were rodents in the kitchen. The UK’s top critics spill the beans ‘The rat droppings were exquisitely cooked’ … CheeMc restaurant, which didn’t quite live up to Jay Rayner’s […]

Spanking the Demanding Customer

photo: Google Tantrums, Threats, and Violence:  For a free drink A Career of Bad Behavior There are some people who believe they’ll get better service, upgrades, if they are demanding.      Many of these people believe loud and obnoxious, is an effective tool in getting what you want! The prize is can range  from […]

Table for one

A woman dining alone in France gets a better welcome than one in Italy. By: Jennifer Allison/The American in Italia t happened again. If no one noticed and continued eating and talking it would be one thing. But Italians notice everything. It’s in their DNA. I notice things too, but more discreetly. So what was […]

what cha gonna have? “Pancake Circus” still serving it up right!

Hungry?  You have two choices, chain or adventure.  Many people opt for the chain, because its familiar.    In New York, there are hundreds of authentic Italian Resturants , yet on any givin day you will find a long lines at the Olive Garden near Time Square. While the chains are predictable , when I’m traveling I […]

Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion”

Its very difficult to ruin a breakfast, eggs, toast potatoes, fried meat coffee and Juice.  Denny’s has this down to a science, (they have some of the thinnest bacon on the planet)   This morning, I visited the Denny’s on Watt Ave off 80.  When I entered (about 8 am) the floors and some of […]