1st Stupid Celebrity of 2016

The first stupid celebrity of 2016 is 50 cent.  A few years ago Home Cheese posted a sex tape online of a Florida woman.  It was an in direct hit at his rival Rick Ross. The jury said (pay) and victim was awarded 7mil.  After the award 50cent has been cryin,telling anyone who would listenContinue reading “1st Stupid Celebrity of 2016”

50 Cent: My flashy lifestyle is all fake

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on July 21Photo: Pool photo By: Julia Marsh and Beckie Strum/Page Six It’s a counterfeit 50 Cent! The rapper, ordered to testify about his finances in Manhattan Supreme court Tuesday morning, said that his over-the-top displays of wealth — the bling, the Lamborghinis, BentleysContinue reading “50 Cent: My flashy lifestyle is all fake”

Minus 50 Cent…… ” FLASH BROKE”

By CityFella Dramatization   That bitch ain’t gonna get a dime of MY Money!  I’ve got lawyers,and people working for me! Flash Broke! Who knew Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cent was having money problems and was  broke down, busted.  The poor, poor man has to sleep in his 21 bedroom home in Connecticut Probably eatingContinue reading “Minus 50 Cent…… ” FLASH BROKE””