Why is CBS punishing Rihanna instead of the NFL and Ray Rice?

    By: Francois Marchand/Vancouver Sun It hasn’t been a good week for the National Football League. Thanks to the whole Ray Rice domestic abuse fiasco , the spotlight has been squarely put on the league, who has been criticized for its mishandling of the affair as well as having other issues such as drug abuse, bullying, and inadequateContinue reading “Why is CBS punishing Rihanna instead of the NFL and Ray Rice?”

Does Chris Brown Hate Gays?

By: CityFella On Monday, 20 year old  Issac Adam Parker tried to jump into a photo that Chris Brown was posing for with a female fan on the sidewalk outside the W hotel in Washington DC, when the singer. reportedly said  “I’m not down with that gay shit” and “I feel like boxing,” Last January, heContinue reading “Does Chris Brown Hate Gays?”

Rihanna pelted with potato chips in London (she wasn’t happy!)

Rihanna could have done with an umbrella onstage in Manchester the other night after the crowd began pelting her with chips. The singer was left in rage during her gig at the Manchester Arena on Tuesday after she was forced to dodge bags of the salty treat. The snack attack came just moments after Rih praised theContinue reading “Rihanna pelted with potato chips in London (she wasn’t happy!)”

Damm! Chris Brown and Drake knows how to close down a club.

 No this is not from an episode of  “Basketball Wives”  This is the WIP.  NYPD closed W.I.P  the popular  South Village Nightclub Saturday for undisclosed (at this time) code violations.   Following a Wednesday night-Thursday morning brawl between Chris Brown and Drake and their entourage’s The Aftermath Chris Brown suffered a nasty gash on his chin hisContinue reading “Damm! Chris Brown and Drake knows how to close down a club.”

Three Years Later,Can you forgive Chris Brown?

Three years after beating Rihanna, Chris Brown has a new album and a starring film role. Two columnists debate whether he deserves a second chance Remember when Chris Brown ugly-cried in front of America? It was two years ago, during the BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson. I was sitting on the couch with myContinue reading “Three Years Later,Can you forgive Chris Brown?”

Friday Mash Up 1/27/2012

Newt is about to have a  real Hissy Fit! The former speaker of the house wasn’t  happy with NBC’s Brian Williams’ silencing of the audience During Monday’s debate in Tampa. This morning, his campaign is accusing Mitt Romney‘s campaign of packing Thursday night’s audience, like some kind of Republican establishment Snickers™ bar.   Thing have become so heated betweenContinue reading “Friday Mash Up 1/27/2012”

Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce

Two heads are better than one: David and Goliath (The Dollar Stores vs Wally Mart)  Wally is not having a good time.  He’s being attacked on all fronts.   Consumerist.com called it the worst store in America.  Its the least loved store on Social Media. Its being sued for discrimination by more than one million women.  SurveysContinue reading “Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce”