Anarchist,Opportunists: Tarnishes Brown, Ferguson, Oakland

Ferguson, Missouri Oakland, California By: CityFella I refer to them as low hanging bottom feeders. I find it very difficult to believe they are there to support the people in Ferguson or Michael Brown .     They walk amongst the people in peaceful protest, they often pray and sing with the protesters, but thereContinue reading “Anarchist,Opportunists: Tarnishes Brown, Ferguson, Oakland”

Simmer to Boil (Riots by Jobless in US cities?)

“The public is not happy” “The public knows there is something wrong in this country and there is    You have a lot of kids graduating college can’t find jobs” That’s what happened in Cairo, Tha’s what happend in Madrid .  You dont want those riots here.  “New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg  said on a radio show.Continue reading “Simmer to Boil (Riots by Jobless in US cities?)”