The Doting Boyfriend Who Robbed Armored Cars

Beginning in 2015, Houston was plagued by a series of brutal armored car robberies that bewildered FBI agents for nearly two years. To finally bring down the unassuming mastermind behind it all, the agents had to stage an elaborate trap—and catch him in the act. Illustration by Edward Kinsella.   By:Skip Hollandsworth/Texas Monthly   InContinue reading “The Doting Boyfriend Who Robbed Armored Cars”

Florida woman demands money, pulls gun on man during sex in moving car

A Florida woman who allegedly pulled a gun on a man during sex and demanded money, causing him to lose control of his moving car, was arrested Tuesday, police said. The woman, Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, fled the scene on foot after the vehicle struck a palm tree, went airborne and plowed through two frontContinue reading “Florida woman demands money, pulls gun on man during sex in moving car”

Room 108 (a true story)

James Berry has worked at a number of Sacramento area hotels as a  night auditor.  He likes working nights alone, avoiding much of  the drama that takes place during the day between co-workers and management. Graveyard isnt for everyone, it changes your life, your awake when everyones asleep and your asleep when everyone is awake.   It effects yourContinue reading “Room 108 (a true story)”