Barr: Slow Dancing

  Perhaps Attorney General William Barr knew what was ahead.   A few days ago, Barr  said he would not testify to the House Judiciary Committee today, if committee lawyers were allowed to ask follow up questions, a long standing practice. In light of yesterday’s New York Times story, where we learned special counsel Robert Mueller … More Barr: Slow Dancing

Donald Trump is TERRIFIED!

By: Lucian K. Truscott IV\ We’ve been dealing with Trump’s lies all wrong. We’ve been totaling them up — 6,420 over 649 days, according to the Washington Post! We’ve been parsing and categorizing them — Trump’s statements are regularly found “false,” or “misleading,” or it “needs context,” or it “lacks evidence,” or it’s “exaggerated,” or … More Donald Trump is TERRIFIED!

President Donald Trump’s “Worst Day Ever!”

A Very Dark Cloud will follow President Donald Trump as he enters the Civic Center in Charleston,West Virginia in a few minutes where he plans to encourage voters to support Republican Candidates in the midterm elections. Just a few hours ago, his former campaign chairman was convicted by a Virginia jury of eight unrelated felonies: Five … More President Donald Trump’s “Worst Day Ever!”

One Wonders Part 6

  In our last installment, we learned that there were quite a few people who were against Obamacare and wanted it repealed !!     However, many of those same people supported the Affordable Care Act. Many GOP politicians, want Special Council Robert Mueller to end the Russia Probe before the midterm elections.    Many of … More One Wonders Part 6

America supports Robert Mueller ” Will an Angry White House Go for Broke?”

The Scene at the White House this Morning?  On Monday, Lou Dobbs of Fox New Conducted a Twitter Poll  The Question: “Do you believe the corrupt leadership and actions of the DOJ and FBI are now so outrageous and overwhelming that President Trump should fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy … More America supports Robert Mueller ” Will an Angry White House Go for Broke?”

Author Michael Wolff Spills the Tea in the White House

The Trump Administration says it will Sue to Stop Publication of the Book! Steve Bannon Better Shut his Filty Mouth or he will get Sued!    Sarah Huckabee Sanders is losing her pearls and her voice. She may come down with a mysterious aliment. To distract us,A unhinged Trump may Tweet about somebodies Mama!  If … More Author Michael Wolff Spills the Tea in the White House