ITS ON! Family Fight over Robin Williams Estate

From Radar Online Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, has finally broken her silence about the ongoing feud with her stepmom Susan Schneider Williams. Just hours after lawyers for Robin’s widow and his three children agreed to attempt to settle the dispute over the Good Morning Vietnam’s star belongings, Zelda issued a statement on her Tumblr page. “WhileContinue reading “ITS ON! Family Fight over Robin Williams Estate”


By: Bhimsen Ikaika Kumar-Reyes The death of Robin Williams  sent shock waves throughout the world.  His work will remain in our hearts.  Love him or hate him, he didn’t care.  I watched most of his work from “The Richard Pryor Show” to his last TV series “The Crazy Ones”; on that one, I didn’t miss aContinue reading “A WORD FROM ONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE”

My teeny tiny encounters with Robin Williams

By: Cityfella If you work in Downtown San Francisco near the major hotels, Celebrity sightings aren’t  uncommon. I worked for car rental agencies and from time to time celebrities would rent or return their cars. You remember the nice celebrities, Linda Grey, Jim Nabors, John Travolta come to mind and you have lifetime stories aboutContinue reading “My teeny tiny encounters with Robin Williams”

Its a Shaqworld After All

By: CityFella: I love Sacramento, I love the people here and its quiet beauty.  However when a celebrity comes to town the people lose their minds. San Franciscans and New Yonkers are used to celebrities and celebrities can walk the streets without fear of large groups of fans following. You know they’re there but youContinue reading “Its a Shaqworld After All”