Creamy Creamy Ice Cream in a Lactose World

God has a sense of humor.  Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?  I love the creamy richness of Ice Cream and good Ice Cream.  Most of the stuff in the freezer section is crap. However, when you have children, you buy crap, they don’t know the difference, so its whatever is the cheapest. My world isContinue reading “Creamy Creamy Ice Cream in a Lactose World”

Weave it alone…….

By: CityFella “First of all I have security” This is gonna be very short.   Ladies and some gents.  The weave is over. It seems everyone has a weave these days.   Men and women, old and young and its often not a good look.    I saw a sixtyish woman on an Religious show,Continue reading “Weave it alone…….”

A passing ignorance

A few days ago I overheard someone say they never come to Downtown Sacramento its too dangerous.  For someone who has lived in San Francisco and New York and frequently visit other large cities this is laughable. Not that I would, but you could eat of the streets downtown Sacramento.  This isn’t true of  SanContinue reading “A passing ignorance”

Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !

Roseville‘s Galleria mall’s Facebook‘s page is getting a fewer thumbs up’s  after a security guard ejected a gay couple for kissing and holding hands last Saturday.   This local story has picked up a  lot of  steam and has received national attention.    A Kiss-In Protest is planned for this saturday at the mall .Continue reading “Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !”

The Promise of a Dirty Restaurant (Training Gone Wrong)

After watching the staff perform basic duties, I had a moment ,a few weeks ago at  a Roseville restaurant.   I flashbacked to my children when they were coming up. It went a little something like this. I need you to clean the living room .   Using the dust  cloth, in the third drawer in the laundry room.  You needContinue reading “The Promise of a Dirty Restaurant (Training Gone Wrong)”