Funny Lady

    Some of my friends used to cringe when I told them I was once a fan of Rush Limbaugh. Thirty years ago he was funny, crude and entertaining.   He reminded me of Howard Stern, who really didn’t care what you thought.   He went after liberals, people of color and the establishment.Continue reading “Funny Lady”

Rush Limbaugh: Heterosexuals are “under assault”

Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to Michael Sam coming out: Heterosexuals are “under assault” Please Fasten your Seat Belts.. Its gonna be a Wumpy ride. By:Elias Isquith/Salon Rush Limbaugh has a lot of thoughts about Michael Sam’s decision to almost certainly become the first openly gay player in the history of the NFL. These thoughts may notContinue reading “Rush Limbaugh: Heterosexuals are “under assault””

Paula Deen and the word “Nigger”

Fans of Paula Deen knows her story , starting a small business in Savannah, Georgia raising her sons on her own and cooking to supplement her income. Paula’s humility and basic down home no frills cooking has made her national star. Cook books, restaurants, cook ware, food in addition to her cooking show has turnedContinue reading “Paula Deen and the word “Nigger””

Bad Week for Rush Limbaugh, Remember When He Was Funny?

(Was that a brick?) Funny is funny.  There was a time when Rush Limbaugh‘s show was funny.  There were bits, no they weren’t PC.   He was entertaining, I never  listened  to his entire show as his views  were often too far right of my beliefs. Then one day, he became the voice of theContinue reading “Bad Week for Rush Limbaugh, Remember When He Was Funny?”

Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling

All is not lost with Romney’s defeat — but it may be time to tune into a different news station Dear angry white conservatives who are mourning Mitt Romney’s loss, If Fox News is any indication, many of you are dismayed, upset, and befuddled by Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama. Some of these feelingsContinue reading “Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling”

How Pissed Off Are Republican Women?

The Republican Party’s “war on women” is one of the biggest political stories of the year. So are female GOP voters standing by their party? Is the Republican Party antiwoman? In recent months, (mostly male) Republican pols have pushed for or passed numerous measures making it more difficult to get birth control and abortions. InContinue reading “How Pissed Off Are Republican Women?”

What’s the matter with white people?

As the GOP loses its grip, it’s got one loyal constituency. Will white America go down with the ship? A line of people waiting to register at a career fair in San Diego. One of the burdens of blackness, W.E.B. DuBois famously wrote, was facing down an omnipresent question from the wider society: “How doesContinue reading “What’s the matter with white people?”

Who had the Worst Week in Washington? Sarah Palin.

In moments of crisis, great politicians rise to the occasion. Bad ones tend to fall flat. Sarah Palin learned that the hard way this past week, when a statement she released hoping to quell the controversy that surrounded her after the attempted assassination  of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) only helped create a new and even largerContinue reading “Who had the Worst Week in Washington? Sarah Palin.”

Liberals aren’t Funny

In the tense ,pivotal scene in the movie “Moonstruck”  grandpa say’s “someone tell a joke” The same could be said to host’s of  Liberal talk Radio.  Conservative’s get it.  before he appointed himself God Rush Limbaugh  was extremely funny. Today’s Bill O’ Reillyis funny and very entertaining. Love it or hate it Conservative talk radio seems to haveContinue reading “Liberals aren’t Funny”