Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights

By: Erika D. Smith/Sacramento Bee The story of Zhalisa Clarke — a black woman who was minding her own business at a Raley’s in Citrus Heights when cashier accused her of shoplifting and called the police — didn’t make national news. It could have. In fact, it should have. Like Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson,Continue reading “Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights”

Would we have caged the migrant family of Jesus Christ?

“Seeking Asylum in America Today,” a Nativity scene erected by the Parkside Community Church in Sacramento, invites comparisons between the Trump administration’s treatment of migrant families and the treatment of Jesus Christ. By: Ginger Rutland:  Special to the Sacramento Bee As I passed Parkside Community Church on my way to my gym on the FourthContinue reading “Would we have caged the migrant family of Jesus Christ?”

Kings Fans Hated Her

  “Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…”   Leo Tolstoy In 2008, no one was surprised.  Building a new homeContinue reading “Kings Fans Hated Her”

News Wrong

“2016 the year of the fact checker” If your a politician or a speaker at a junior high school accuracy is important. In the audience is an 13 years old with a smartphone who may challenge the speaker . We live in an instant information age.  Baby Boomers can remember when the point of referenceContinue reading “News Wrong”

Allen Warren’s investigation may be too Juicy for prime time

The Sacramento Bee and a few other media outlets are is crying foul at the city’s decision to withhold the findings of the sexual harassment claim against  councilman Allen Warren. While the claim against Mayor Kevin Johnson was notable and could occupy a few minutes on TMZ.   The claim against Warren could be theContinue reading “Allen Warren’s investigation may be too Juicy for prime time”

SPORTS VS the arts in Sacramento

The City of Sacramento has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to attract or retain a profession sports franchise.  There  must be a hidden paragraph in the city’s Mission Statement. That allows the city to casually spend million on sports. Meanwhile the Sacramento Philharmonic ,Sacramento Opera and the Sacramento Ballet struggle with minimal support from theContinue reading “SPORTS VS the arts in Sacramento”

Get Kevin Johnson

October 20th was to be a special day for Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson. A day so special his office requested the council meeting be moved to accommodate ESPN’s premiere of the documentary “Down in the Family”   A film about Sacramento fight against Seattle to retain the Sacramento Kings Franchise. ESPN reportedly pulled the documentaryContinue reading “Get Kevin Johnson”

Sac Bee: Sacramento needs real ethics reform, not city’s fake version

Sacramento’s Mayor, Vice Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem. and one former supervisor have been accused of harassment.   The City’s fix, will allow the mayor and the council to appoint members of  this ethics group.   Sort of like allowing the inmates to select the jury pool. Craig Powell and Erik Smitt from group Eye on SacramentoContinue reading “Sac Bee: Sacramento needs real ethics reform, not city’s fake version”

Sex and Ethics in Sacramento City Hall The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

Many companies, organizations require their new employees to read or take a small course in sexual harassment at the time of hire.  For many organizations the course is mandatory for every employee. While the course is mandatory for governmental employees it isn’t for many elected officials. This oversite has cost governments hundreds of millions ofContinue reading “Sex and Ethics in Sacramento City Hall The Good-The Bad-The Ugly”

Sex in Sacramento’s City Hall? Vice Mayor Allen Warren accused of Sexual Misconduct

Photo: Sacramento Bee By: CityFella Whats happening on H street? First, Mayor Kevin Johnson and now Vice Mayor Allen Warren accused of Sexual Harassment by City Employees Last April, Estrellita Ilee Muller a  former executive assistant to John Shirey Sacramento City Manager accused Mayor Johnson of sexual harassment. She wanted $200.000 from the city. ClickContinue reading “Sex in Sacramento’s City Hall? Vice Mayor Allen Warren accused of Sexual Misconduct”