Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers

The Question is will go global before it goes National ?  Will the be an outlet in Dubai before Detroit ?   In the the last few years In and Out with its cult following has opened up Pop up Shops in London and a few other international cities with very favoralble results.  In Australia, InContinue reading “Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers”

This ins’t Buffalo this is Sacramento Dammit!

Its cold.  COLD!   At 5am the outside temperature in my car is say’s its 32! Why am I up in my car at 5am checking the outside temperature?  Cause I can dammit!  Its my car and I can check anything I want at any time, so sit on a toothpick!!!        Continue reading “This ins’t Buffalo this is Sacramento Dammit!”

Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!

In an E-mail to the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said he would not seek a third team. In recent months the Mayor has been in the center of controversy.  From, lawsuits to unsubstantiated charge of sexual harassment by a former city employee. A nearly 20 year old incident involving a young girl inContinue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!”

Come on Sacramento $12.50 an hour by 2020?

Photo CBS/Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced a task force is recommending the Sacramento minimum wage increase to $12.50 an hour by 2020. $12.50 in five years seems more like a punishment than a reward. Families earning low wages cost local taxpayers in the form of services. Forbes says Wal Mart employees cost Taxpayers 6.2 billionContinue reading “Come on Sacramento $12.50 an hour by 2020?”

OPINION: “Sacramento’s Measure B” Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley

For years, The Trolley, The Street Car was the mode of transportation for Sacramentians. Today, many cities in the US have restored many of these cars and the iron beasts are again transporting people. Next month, the City of Sacramento would like the voters to approve Measure B.    A 3.3 mile street car routeContinue reading “OPINION: “Sacramento’s Measure B” Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley”

He Cant Help Himself… Already in Jail, Michael Lyon faces new eavesdropping charges

Picture:Sacramento Bee By CityFella Membership in the millionaires club has its privileges, walk tall and stay out of trouble and you’ll spend little time in the big house. But there are some who cant seem to get out of their own way. Former, prominent millionaire Philanthropist  Michael Lyon was once a staple in Sacramento’s socialContinue reading “He Cant Help Himself… Already in Jail, Michael Lyon faces new eavesdropping charges”

Last Call For Alcohol

By CityFella 1:43am Sunday Morning At 1.15am Alhambra Safeway is arguably one of the most exciting stores in Sacramento. This Safeway its the only supermarket for those living Downtown/Midtown Sacramento and its open 24 hours. Its near all the clubs. For those wanting to keep the party going beyond 2am its Safeway and only Safeway.Continue reading “Last Call For Alcohol”

Hey Mikey , 50 Shades of Grey on Highway 50 Look Fast

  Sometimes you wanna say REALLY? The Sacramento Six Drive In has been there for decades at Bradshaw and 50. At Bradshaw and 50    They have shown Boobies and Hoo Haass  for years.   With  50 Shades of Grey is playing on one the screens, some people are shocked!!! SHOCKED!!!I tell ya. Check outContinue reading “Hey Mikey , 50 Shades of Grey on Highway 50 Look Fast”

Road Rage: Isabelle Salgado’s Attorney says “Her first concern was with the boy”

Photo News 10 By CityFella, A water bottle struck her car Isabelle Marie Salgado was 17 Sunday, when the  Mercedes SUV she was driving hit a 13 year old in the  3000 block of Yellowstone Lane  in the  Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento.      In the SUV was her 8 year old sister. Firefighters rushedContinue reading “Road Rage: Isabelle Salgado’s Attorney says “Her first concern was with the boy””