West Sacramento/Old Sacramento in Pictures

Tuesday 1/10 Morning between 8:20am and 9:09 am

Sacratomatoville Post 1/10/17 I Street Bridge

I Street Bridge

Sacratomatoville Post West Sacramento01/10post

Trees 6 feet underwater

Miller Park/SacratomatovillePost 01/10/17

Miller Park (near downtown Sacramento)

Sacratomatoville Post 1/10/17

Excess Water Dominates the Launch Area

Sacratomatoville Post Delta King 1/10/17

Note How High the Delta King is.

Sacratomatovile Post 1/10 old sac delta king south

Tower Bridge (Old Sacramento)


Sacratomatoville Post 1/10/17

Tower Bridge 3

Sacratomatoville Post 01/10/17

Tower Bridge 2




The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

Image result for golden 1 center

I didn’t live in Sacramento when the second Arco Arena opened,  It had to be the second coming of christ.  The  Golden 1 Center opens in two weeks with Sir Paul McCartney. (Millennials are looking him up on their smart phones ,Who? ) There is so much antipation, so much hope for a building that some believe will put Sactown on the map.  Silly me, I thought we were.  The spot where Sacramento is usually has a star in the center.

Every new  business downtown, every resturant is attributed to the half billion dollar arena.  I wonder if Atlanta, Dallas or Charlotte went Lady Gaga over their Arenas?   Is Sactown a larger Mayberry with one way streets?  Will there be an official ribbon cutting with a giant pair of scissors when it opens?

I’m concerned about Macy’s, the only store in Mayberry.  The company plans to close 100 stores nationwide.  Macy’s is directly across the street from the new building that cures acne.  Closing it would be dissapointing. Those of us who live downtown will be forced to drive to Arden Fair,  SHOCK! HORROR!    Should Macy’s close our city leaders would convert it to a WinCo Foods with a nail shop.

There is a lot riding on the Golden 1 Center, that massive new building without parking.

Fingers Crossed


Another One For Sacramento

Sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate home.   The unfortunate violence in Milwaukee last weekend reminded me of a strange night in Milwaukee a few years ago.

Milwaukee lives in the shadow of Chicago.  Much like Sacramento and San Francisco.

It was a weekend with friends ,this was my second visit to Milwaukee and on this visit I received the grand tour.  It was a great saturday, museums, the Public Market, rich German food for lunch, sightseeing. There is quite a bit going on in Milwaukee.

Dinner was at a trendy restaurant, the conversation  was lively, filled with laughter.  Suddenly, without warning  the tone changed, people started getting serious.  I was taken aback, it had been a long day but there hadn’t been any disagreements.  I looked around to see if there was drama in the restaurant.  Someone asked for the check.  Confused, I’m playing the tape in my head to see if I might have offended anyone.

The ride in the Suburban was quiet, 8  adults riding in silence.  I was first person dropped off at my hotel, there were hugs and  kisses.   Memories of the day were washed away, what happened?   Its after one and I cant sleep.  20 minutes later my phone vibrated. It was a text message, are you up?    Yes.  Can I call you….

From the call, I learned that the area wasn’t friendly to African Americans, especially after dark.   There was much debate about taking me to this restaurant, and the plan was to leave by 8.  We were there past 10.  Apparently there was some people at the table behind me staring at our tabl,e making a few people at OUR table nervous and they didn’t know if things would escalate.

A few of my friends sensed I was upset and they discussed it in detail after dropping me off. A few of us planned to meet for bunch and  at bunch there would be an explanation.  It was a combination of embarrassed and fear.   Afraid I might question who they are.

After the call, I was relieved and troubled.  Perhaps I’m naive, in my world there aren’t geographical restrictions.  Many years ago, I was lost outside of Chicago and wound up in the suburb of Cicero, I stopped at a gas station to ask directions and a black man told me not to go in and to leave this town!  I wanted to laugh (leave this town?) were in the nineties Please.  I reluctantly climbed in my rental and drove away.   The next day  my  Chicagoland friends said, Cicero was no joke for black folks!

Back in Sacramento, I went online and researched the Milwaukee’s history. Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the nation. The division between white and black is striking.

As I said earlier, sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate home and the people there.

I love Sacramento, sometime I struggle with its image of itself . Many people who were born and raised here do not I think much of their city.   Perhaps its being a refugee from San Francisco, I see its beauty.  The people here are genuinely nice.    I love the diversity in Sacramento.  I have no desire to live in a mono community.

My experience in Milwaukee didn’t taint the city. Far too often we miss the BIG picture. I had an excellent day there.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen and the people I met. From what I read, healing has begun in city.  But there is much to be done in Milwaukee and many others cities across the nation including Sacramento.

Sacramento isn’t perfect, city government and the police department do not reflect the community as whole and there are pockets of isms here and there, but we all seem to get along. Without hesitation I can take friends to restaurants or theaters anywhere in the area.  My friends from the mega cities are often surprised, Sacramento?  Yes!



When One Donut Isn’t Enough


Everything is better when its fried. Twinkies, potatoes, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on ( Ok I’ll stop).

Sometimes there is nothing better than a Donut.  The feeling hit you, usually early morning when they are fresh or when your me, late at night.   In Sacratomatoville,  I know all the spots.  I’m a Donutologist (could be a word) my keen senses know when dough is about to be lowered in some hot oil.

A perfect donut, is one that is properly fried without an oil or worse an old oil after taste.

Krispy Creme has mastered the frying but the robotic donuts are too small and sweet for my tastes.  Plus I don’t want a boutique donut.

When I lived in San Francisco, I knew Rolling Pin Donuts in Colma dropped theirs at midnight.   In the City, the donut shop on Chestnut and Steiner in the Marina dropped theirs at three.  Occasionally I would run into baseball legend Joe Dimaggio who would order a Bear Claw and coffee. I understand the shop recently closed after nearly 30 years at that location. A victim of San Francisco astronomical rents.


In Sacratomatoville, Marie’s Donut on Freeport drops about 1am, the Marie’s on Watt Ave in North Highlands 3am.  Both locations make excellent donuts. Its not uncommon for lines to form after the clubs closed at the Freeport location.     Watt has an older and steady clientele, for years I’ve seen the same men gather inside.

My favorite donut shop is King Donuts on Zinfandel in Rancho Cordova. There donut’s are near perfect, light fluffy, and no oily aftertaste.  The problem,they open at 4.30 and they are in Rancho.

If I’m near Kings Donut in the morning I almost always stop. The problem is restraint.   I want to order a glaze and sugar twist.  I see ordinary people ordering A donut and leaving. I hate these disciplined people! I overheard one Hussy (I overuse bitch) telling someone on the phone the last time she was here she couldn’t finish HER donut. (I wanted to slap the phone out of her hand) !   I am a big man,  one donut is never enough, EVER!













“Sweetie Darlings” Ab Fab Splashes in Sacramento on Friday Bringing Style and Panache to The Tower Theater

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley

At the American Premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in New York,  Monday at the SVA Theater

Sex in the City was bawdy they drank, they swore and there was nudity.  Not one of those ladies could hold a candle to Edina and Patsy.

Drug Abuse, drunken brawls, cigarettes, orgies, fights, and of course Fashion!   Labels! Labels! Labels! darling. Its about What’s In! What’s Now! the rest of the world be dammed!

Ab Fab premiered in Britain 1993. A few years later the show was broadcast in the US via Comedy Central . Ab Fab sporadic run (sorta likes Cher’s farewell tour) finally ended with a special in 2012.

The British Film Institute ranked Ab Fab as the 17th greatest British TV show of all time.  The “Fashion” episode was ranked 47 as TV Guide’s 100 Greatest Episodes of all time. It also appears twice on TV Guide’s Top Cult Show Ever List.

Plans for an American version of Ab Fab never materialized.  There are many who believe the show would lose its edge here.

The show continues in syndication all over the world.

The Movie Premiered in New York Monday and opens nationally on Friday July 22.

Absolutely Fabulous : The Movie

Opens Friday at the Tower Theater in Sacramento

“Welcome To The Republican National Convention”

Lady Bunny is a New York Institution. If your ever in NYC…Find Her 

Lady Bunny introduced the two stars inside the theater. “Welcome to the Republican National Convention,” she joked.

SOMEBODY! tell a joke….


Come on America its dark out there.  Social Media is like a tomb.  Individuals dredging up two and three year old videos of police brutalizing citizens.

Thursday night, I shared my  life as a black man.   By Friday, I was overwhelmed by the news and sadness and anger  I needed break for one day, I didn’t want to talk to another person about to share tales of  sadness and despair

On Saturday I posted the following to my Facebook page:

Not doing it today. Taking pictures, listening to comedy on Satellite Radio. Working out. calling a few friends in the south and east coast. (Once I find my cell phone and pay the bill. ) Unapologetically selfish today. My life matters. Who knows a good joke?

The response was positive, quite a few people “liked” the post.  Then there were others who  chose to send a message instead.,with one person saying they felt it was too soon.

I drove to Jackson to visit friends.  Wanting a coke, I stopped at a Mini Mart. While it could have been me: I felt the room tense up as I stood in line waiting to pay. Everyone was very quiet. ( I wonder if some people think that black people are angry at white people)  A dine fell out of my pocket and then a penny and then my keys.Irritated I told the dime,penny and the keys to knock it off.   People laughed, one woman said she hates when things jump out of her purse. The same women, waived as she was pulling away.

I recognize we all heal differently.  If you need the anger or reinforcement via video or think my approach is too simplistic ,then you are not happy with me and that’s okay .

I believe change happens with one person, then another person. Tomorrow my anger might return but that’s tomorrow.  Life ends in a moment and at this very moment I’m choosing happiness.