Sweet Little Old Lady

So, sweet she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Never a fly! A Man yes , a fly Never! This sweet little old lady was a serial killer. I live six blocks away from her home where she buried most of the men she killed in Sacramento. There have been movies and specials about Dorothea Puente, includingContinue reading “Sweet Little Old Lady”

Spring is Near and Covid 19 isn’t over.

Like most people in the world, I’m looking forward returning to normalcy. I want to have breakfast at Carol’s in West Sacramento. Dinner at “The Porch” in midtown. I wanna walk down a busy L street with people drinking and pedaling on those brew bikes carts. I miss the crowds of bicyclist and all thingsContinue reading “Spring is Near and Covid 19 isn’t over.”

The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

I didn’t live in Sacramento when the second Arco Arena opened,  It had to be the second coming of christ.  The  Golden 1 Center opens in two weeks with Sir Paul McCartney. (Millennials are looking him up on their smart phones ,Who? ) There is so much antipation, so much hope for a building that someContinue reading “The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne”

Another One For Sacramento

Sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate home.   The unfortunate violence in Milwaukee last weekend reminded me of a strange night in Milwaukee a few years ago. Milwaukee lives in the shadow of Chicago.  Much like Sacramento and San Francisco. It was a weekend with friends ,this was my second visit to MilwaukeeContinue reading “Another One For Sacramento”

“Sweetie Darlings” Ab Fab Splashes in Sacramento on Friday Bringing Style and Panache to The Tower Theater

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley At the American Premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in New York,  Monday at the SVA Theater Sex in the City was bawdy they drank, they swore and there was nudity.  Not one of those ladies could hold a candle to Edina and Patsy. Drug Abuse, drunken brawls, cigarettes, orgies, fights, and ofContinue reading ““Sweetie Darlings” Ab Fab Splashes in Sacramento on Friday Bringing Style and Panache to The Tower Theater”

Not heard on Sacratomatoville Radio: From Jamaica, Introducing “Krishane”

22 year old St Aubyn Antonio Levy better known as his stage name Krishane,  is a Jamaican from  artist from the parish of  Manchester , Jamaica One Entertainment.discovered him and signed a deal for him in 2015 with Atlantic Records UK.  Krishane now lives in London..

SOMEBODY! tell a joke….

Come on America its dark out there.  Social Media is like a tomb.  Individuals dredging up two and three year old videos of police brutalizing citizens. Thursday night, I shared my  life as a black man.   By Friday, I was overwhelmed by the news and sadness and anger  I needed break for one day,Continue reading “SOMEBODY! tell a joke….”

The Other Side “Sacramento Neo Nazi Riot”

“S Out numbered.  The news wires said there were 25 to 30  members of the Traditionalist Worker Party  vs 400 counter protesters.   The Traditionalist obtained a proper permit from the California Highway Patrol to hold a rally. Before the rally, there were some on social media threatening to attack the Neo-Nazis.  Some of the Neo-NazisContinue reading “The Other Side “Sacramento Neo Nazi Riot””