You’re much more likely to be murdered in Sacramento if you’re black

Minority victims remain underserved by criminal justice system Question: When is the minority actually the majority? Answer: When referring to murder victims. By: Raheem F. Hosseini/Sacramento News and Review According to an SN&R analysis of unpublished Sacramento County Coroner’s Office data, at least 57 percent of last year’s murder victims hailed from local minority communities.Continue reading “You’re much more likely to be murdered in Sacramento if you’re black”

Kevin Johnson Vs S.T.O.P (Round 1?)

By CityFella As the Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Election begins to validate signature collected by Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork(STOP) . Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson started a new round or words saying S.T.O.P and not the city should pay the estimated  $100.000 to validate the signatures. Is the mayor suggesting the city’s dollarsContinue reading “Kevin Johnson Vs S.T.O.P (Round 1?)”

Cortez Quinn you ARE the Father (part 2)

By: CityFella You got to love it.   Twin Rivers School District Trustee Cortez Quinn reportedly went to court yesterday with his lawyer and his minister. He was formally arranged  yesterday with his accomplice Andre Pearson, the former employee of  Comprehensive Medical Inc ,together they allegedly conspired to tamper with DNA. SEE STORY IfContinue reading “Cortez Quinn you ARE the Father (part 2)”