How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings

  By: Kevin Arnovitz/ ESPN   THE MOVING VAN from Sacramento chokes its way through Miami’s thick August air. It contains the objects of Jeff David’s life, all destined for the Davids’ new house in the affluent Pinecrest neighborhood. It is July 2018, and much of David’s family is on hand to help with the move.Continue reading “How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings”

Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena

I was within a few feet of Sacramento’s former City Manager John Shirley, when he announced the Sleep Train could not compete with the new arena. Something about a non-competing clause. Sealing the fate of the 30 year old complex. Arco, (now Sleep Train) opened in 1988 its cost a mere 40 million (below averageContinue reading “Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena”

Kings Fans Hated Her

  “Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…”   Leo Tolstoy In 2008, no one was surprised.  Building a new homeContinue reading “Kings Fans Hated Her”

Trapped in Downtown Sacramento

Final touches are being added to the New Golden 1 Center at 5th and J Streets in Downtown Sacramento. After more than a decade of ultimatums and threats ,the new home of the Sacramento Kings will open October 4th with a Paul McCartney Concert. The half billion dollar venue can accommodate 17,500 for basketball and 19,200Continue reading “Trapped in Downtown Sacramento”

Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur

NBA Reffree Bill Kennedy far Right, Rajon Rondo ( white sweat band) On Dec 3rd In a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in Mexico City.   NBA referee Bill Kennedy  ejected Rajon Rondo from the game due to consecutive technical fouls. Being ejected from a intense game is frustrating. However itsContinue reading “Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur”

SPORTS VS the arts in Sacramento

The City of Sacramento has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to attract or retain a profession sports franchise.  There  must be a hidden paragraph in the city’s Mission Statement. That allows the city to casually spend million on sports. Meanwhile the Sacramento Philharmonic ,Sacramento Opera and the Sacramento Ballet struggle with minimal support from theContinue reading “SPORTS VS the arts in Sacramento”

Kevin Johnson,What about your friends?

Every now and then I get a little crazy That’s not the way it’s supposed to be Sometimes my vision is a little hazy I can’t tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me  People try to say I act a little funny But that’s just a figure of speech toContinue reading “Kevin Johnson,What about your friends?”

GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education

By CityFella Build us a new modern arena by 2017 or we will leave town.  Sacramentians are familiar with this sentence from the National Basketball Associations playbook and by golly, next fall Sacramento will open the ultramodern Golden One Center Downtown, the newest NBA Arena( I mean Entertainment Complex) in the nation.   Until theContinue reading “GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education”

06/24/2015 Mush -Trump #2- Valueless Stuff for the Kings- Pinocchio is a Real Newscaster – Maya!Maya!Maya!

Donald 2 Has it been a week?  In a poll conducted by Suffolk University.   Donald (La DON)Trump is number two in the great state of  New Hampshire a few points shy of  “Just Jeb” (he doesn’t use his last name) .Just a few days ago, we learned of his warm feelings about the “Mexican”Continue reading “06/24/2015 Mush -Trump #2- Valueless Stuff for the Kings- Pinocchio is a Real Newscaster – Maya!Maya!Maya!”

“Basketball before Beer” River City Brewing Company Forced to Move

CBS13 Sacramento As construction for the Kings’ new arena continues to change the landscape of downtown, one of Downtown Plaza’s long-time businesses is being forced to leave the mall today. Property owners are not renewing the leases of most of the businesses at this mall in order to make room for the new arena. So just momentsContinue reading ““Basketball before Beer” River City Brewing Company Forced to Move”