Sac Random: Vegas, Marijuana, Dollar Addiction

I don’t believe there is any place on earth like Las Vegas, the Hotels on the strip are mesmerizing and it is the ultimate destination for adult fun. With 35 million visitors. Why dont I like it more? I believe its the city beyond the strip.  New Yorker’s, San Franciscans,  the people of Austin, are a part of theContinue reading “Sac Random: Vegas, Marijuana, Dollar Addiction”

Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion”

Its very difficult to ruin a breakfast, eggs, toast potatoes, fried meat coffee and Juice.  Denny’s has this down to a science, (they have some of the thinnest bacon on the planet)   This morning, I visited the Denny’s on Watt Ave off 80.  When I entered (about 8 am) the floors and some ofContinue reading “Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion””

The real mayors of Sacramento

Each day, millions ‘check in’ on smartphone apps like Foursquare, where the top users are dubbed ‘mayors.’ Some mayors are strong, others just want to booze. All offer a real-time peek at privacy, partying and modern Sacramento At last month’s annual South by Southwest festival, the world’s pre-eminent social-networking experts converged on Austin, Texas, for aContinue reading “The real mayors of Sacramento”

TRAPPED: Over 100,000 live in a Sacramento Community without medical services

With the Japanese tragedy, communities all over the world are revisiting exit strategy’s

SNR Review’s (“District 30)

This is one of the first reviews (from Sacramento News and Review) of District 30  Downtown on K Street.  Sacratomatoville will review the club next month. From SNR Last Thursday, I brought a local electronic producer and good friend toDistrict 30—K Street’s spankin’ nu, publicly financed nightclub—for some perspective. Dance clubs outside Sac, I knowContinue reading “SNR Review’s (“District 30)”