Legal Chinese Discrimination in Sacramento

  The Story is the same, individuals immigrating to the United States with the hope of having a better life. Immigrants from China were unique, unlike other groups where families immigrated to the United States most of the Chinese immigrants were single males.  They were considered cheap labor, because these workers didn’t utilize hospitals andContinue reading “Legal Chinese Discrimination in Sacramento”

Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)

If the new Sacramento Arena opened today in the Railyards it would be second smallest in the NBA, just above the Power Balance Arena.  When Thomas Enterpriseses bought the 240 acre Railyards in 2006, his vision was for a mixed use community combining residential, commercial projects with entertainment venues, museums, and public parks with accessible public transportation. Continue reading “Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)”