Against the Water

 Sacramento River (Just outside of Downtown)  By CityFella A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of the Sacramento River on my Facebook page.   Many people including a few Sacramentians asked were it was taken?   I was struck by the number of people from the Bay Area, who didn’t know Sacramento had aContinue reading “Against the Water”

Puffing outdoors in Sacramento

Remember the days when there were smoking sections in Restaurants?  Smoke so intelligent, it knew to stay it its section. Today, there are fewer and fewer places where a smoker can smoke.  In California, there are cities where you cant smoke outdoors. In California and a number of states it is against the law toContinue reading “Puffing outdoors in Sacramento”

John Sununu: Honest Ignorance

John Sununu‘s has taken a public beating after his comments on General Colin Powell.   There are some who’ll  automatically assume he’s racist.    Does that statement alone make Mr Sununu racist? Mr Sununu  sentiments are shared by many.  No race or gender is immune.     Through the years, Mr Sunnun has come in contact withContinue reading “John Sununu: Honest Ignorance”