The Wild Wild West on K Street? “Just Sayin for Mon,Oct 18th

behaving badly in Downtown Sacramento?  Never!!!    Two young white men full (possibly)of the juice that makes you stupid, was just that on K Street.    They were mooning guest at the upscale “Ella’s Restaurant on K street, picking fights with various people up and down K Street. When a gun toting free wheeling member of a jazzContinue reading “The Wild Wild West on K Street? “Just Sayin for Mon,Oct 18th”

Sacramento, The Payday Loan Capital of California

Sacramento leads state in often-disputed payday loan outlets Got debt? Sacramento’s payday loan borrowers sure do. The city has almost three times more outlets for payday loans per person than any other city in the state, according to the California Reinvestment Coalition. The outlets offer small, short-term loans intended to cover a borrower’s expenses untilContinue reading “Sacramento, The Payday Loan Capital of California”

14 year old killed at party hosted by convicted sex offender

The man who hosted the “under 21” dance party at which a 14-year-old girl was fatally shot last month is a sex offenderr with a history of pimping, pandering and prostitution of minors, according to authorities. The conditions of 43-year-old Kevin Love Kennedy’s  parole from state prison after a 2004 conviction for pimping prohibited him fromContinue reading “14 year old killed at party hosted by convicted sex offender”

Sacramento Through The Eyes of a New Yorker-You may be Surprised

We have long said Sacramentians have a poor view of  their city.   Here is a view from the East Coast. 36 Hours in Sacramento By Beth Greenfield -New York Times -November 1,2009 DESPITE California’s fiscal crisis, Sacramento has no deficit of quirky cultural offerings. Situated at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers,Continue reading “Sacramento Through The Eyes of a New Yorker-You may be Surprised”

10 great places to see beyond a bad reputation

  USA TODAY 02/26/10 Travel destinations are a lot like high school social cliques: Most of what outsiders know about them is hearsay. The only way to discover what they’re really like is to go see for yourself, says Chuck Thompson. Which is what the freelance travel writer set out to do in researching hisContinue reading “10 great places to see beyond a bad reputation”