A follower or Safeway Stalker?

8:16Am Midtown Safeway, Sacramento Purpose:  Milk, Bananas, Sugar, Mushrooms, Yeast……. My new normal when I first enter a supermarket, is to first visit the paper aisle.  ___________________________________________________ A few weeks ago, I arrived early and there were about 20 twelve packagess of Scott Toilet Paper with 12 rolls. I grabbed my chest and staggered downContinue reading “A follower or Safeway Stalker?”

Getting His Chocolate Fix on Prairie City Road

When I think of Chocolate, I think of See’s candies, their Chocolate Truffles is sex in a bite.   Or Ginger Elizabeth’s on L Street, their Hot Chocolate will make your eyes roll to the back of your head. I’m bacck! When I think of Chocolate, I don’t think of Safeway.  When I think of Safeway,Continue reading “Getting His Chocolate Fix on Prairie City Road”

A win for the people of Curtis Park

Curtis Park is south of Downtown Sacramento and west of Highway 99. Is one of the more popular neighborhoods in city.  Within its boundaries you can find the very popular Gunther’s Ice Cream store and Freeport Bakery. Earlier this year, Redfin a Seattle based Real Estate Company added Curtis Park to its top ten listContinue reading “A win for the people of Curtis Park”

Sacramento’s Arena Vote: Safeway tells S.T.O.P to Stop

Last week, the supermarket chain Safeway filed a lawsuit  in Sacramento Superior Court to prevent S.T.O.P (Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork) from gathering signatures in front of its Sacramento stores. S.T.O.P is one of several groups gathering signatures to force a public vote on a new downtown Sacramento Kings arena. Safeway says,  they want toContinue reading “Sacramento’s Arena Vote: Safeway tells S.T.O.P to Stop”

Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater

Safeway‘s meat value packs are huge…   Huge!    The Safeway on Kettleman Lane in Lodi, Ca told  police, a man carrying a small handbasket  took seven packs of  meat worth $350.     According to reports, Lodi officer Chris Delgado says he recognized Scott Biddle (who is obviously a strong man-that’s a lot of beef!)  fromContinue reading “Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater”

The Toddler Terrorist

The first child,  cant grow up fast enough, walk fast enough, or talk fast enough and of course being the first born means he isn’t an ordinary child, these children are exceptional, and if your smart you you’ll agree with the parent! or there’s hell to pay! My son was bright and shy, some days he hadContinue reading “The Toddler Terrorist”

The Raley’s Strike and Beyond

In 1914, Henry Ford paid its workers an unheard of salary of $5.oo dollars  a day.    At the time the average wage was less than $2.50. per day.   The reasoning behind the  high wages so that the workers could afford the car they were building.       In  China, most of theContinue reading “The Raley’s Strike and Beyond”

We’re the face of food stamps

When my husband lost his job, we landed in the 47 percent — and learned how cruel other people’s judgment can be Last winter I ran into a friend pushing his two youngest children in a stroller. When I asked how he was doing, he told me he’d recently lost his job. I walked awayContinue reading “We’re the face of food stamps”

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

I’ll buy the cake….for 10 people….no problem… Yellow birthday cake with Chocolate Icing got it ..  No shopping for the perfect gift, no cheesy gift cards, Cake. Being the last minute person, I’m known for.   Five hours before the birthday party in the Bay Area , I head over to Nemo’s Bakery…   FiveContinue reading “Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing”

Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce

Two heads are better than one: David and Goliath (The Dollar Stores vs Wally Mart)  Wally is not having a good time.  He’s being attacked on all fronts.   Consumerist.com called it the worst store in America.  Its the least loved store on Social Media. Its being sued for discrimination by more than one million women.  SurveysContinue reading “Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce”