The Late Night Lesbian

By:CityFella Indigestion, PBS, email and the long road to lesbianism  After several decades of marriage, children,grandchildren and great grandchildren a dear friend discovers she is gay.  Unable to sleep, she writes me a lengthy email about her life.   I have her permission to tell her story as long as I do not reveal her identityContinue reading “The Late Night Lesbian”

Cities Rising: Sacramento?

By: CityFella Baby boosters, Empty Nesters  and Millennials  are returning to Americas  inner cities.  Oakland‘s downtown populations has tripled in the last few years. High rise residential towers have reshaped the skyline of Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco.    Rising next to the Bay Bridge is the second tallest condo on the west coast isContinue reading “Cities Rising: Sacramento?”

Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)

Three airports 3400 miles on  (Thanksgiving Day) 2013.  Most people want to be with their families on Turkey day.   Flying  on Thanksgiving day can save you hundreds…. AND you will avoid the traffic by flying on Turkey Day So you’ll miss the cutting of the Turkey there will be plenty of food when youContinue reading “Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)”

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Episode 4 “Too Late to Apollo-gize”

By:CityFella Last night I was schooled in fakery, by my daughter.  I don’t know many men who know about filler,and parts by Mattel.  My daughter does.  Last nights episode opened up with Kenya doing exercises spinning upside down.  My daughter who has never seen the show before (yes) looked at Kenya and said fake,fake andContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Episode 4 “Too Late to Apollo-gize””

Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know

BY: CityFella Elected less than a year ago. Few have seen or heard of Assemblyman Richard Pan. 9th Assembly District reaches from Sacramento to Lodi.   Few of the areas leaders have met the assemblyman.   He has not responded to invitations  or attended  any community meetings leaving many frustrated as he is their linkContinue reading “Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know”

57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs

I love dancing, LUUUUV dancing.  I came up during the disco era.  I wore custom clothes, I designed a bullet proof polyester sleeveless jumpsuit.  I also had a custom vest ,on the back of my vest read  “The City” (that was the name of a popular disco in North beach San Francisco) Doctor Disco M.D.Continue reading “57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs”

Poor People Big Cars Rich People Small Cars

A couple of years ago,  I gave a home tour of San Francisco.   San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in country. In the Seacliff  neighborhood the average listing price for a home is 7 million dollars . In front of many of these homes was  the Toyota Prius‘s.  People in theseContinue reading “Poor People Big Cars Rich People Small Cars”

Young, Blacks and Browns in Sacramento: A Survival Guide

It’s just a reality in America, if you are Black or a Latino male you will at one point be stopped by Law Enforcement for simply being Black or Latino. In my beloved City of Sacramento, I have been stopped three times .  The first time I was with my son in our fairly newContinue reading “Young, Blacks and Browns in Sacramento: A Survival Guide”

Celebrating Sacramento “Natomas”

In 2002 Time Magazine called Sacramento the most racially deserve city in the nation it is a status.    My family moved to Sacramento from San Francisco twenty years ago.    After months of weekends in Sacramento, we  settled on a new  home in Antelope but life through us a curve and the search resumed. WhenContinue reading “Celebrating Sacramento “Natomas””

Sacramento Pride 2013

Pinky Up: I’m from San Francisco. When anyone would ask me about Pride in Sacramento, I would say you must be on time because 5 people walk in a small circle twice.         My eldest daughter from San Francisco  and her partner wanted to see Sacramento Pride Celebration. First things first, itsContinue reading “Sacramento Pride 2013”