Walk for me Mitt and Electric Scooter Adventures….

Ever notice Mitt Romney during his campaigns stops on TV?  Watch him as he walks across that stage,  he is absolutely graceful.   He could be in the swimsuit competition at  the  Miss America Contest.   Notice the  fast and short steps,what grace ,and the wave, I can just see Miss Rhode Island gnashing her teeth ,nice walk Mitt. I’m a overweight  man andContinue reading “Walk for me Mitt and Electric Scooter Adventures….”

Jenn and her electronic quake

I lived in San Francisco when the  89 Loma Prieta quake shook Northern Califotrnia.  Those few  seconds forever reshaped my life.  Most of us then still has landlines and cordless phones was tbe norm.   Within seconds. the city was without power.  Being a person who never throws away anything, we found our old our low tech phones and they worked .  If you hadContinue reading “Jenn and her electronic quake”

Hotel Confidential: Man Lost!

Not sure what it is about men and directions.   Using a writing device is offensive to their very psyche and many of us prefer to drive around in quiet frustration, gawd dammit!  Son of a bitch! Man Lost Stage one. (just a few minutes n  bed) Time 0 minutes The flight is late, guest calls from his rentalContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Man Lost!”

South on 99 to Interstate 5 then 405

They met online in a shady chat room, a place were conversations often begin with hi or stats and end with an address.  A place were  two  full sentences are rare and rarer still ,friendships.  A online conversation that grew into a friendship.  They talked several times a day, about work,school the perils of datingContinue reading “South on 99 to Interstate 5 then 405”

My White Brother in Law*

Oh to be a fly on THAT wall.  The  black (man) fiancee  is coming to dinner  and it’s not Sidney Poitier.  I’m sure there where quite a few questions from the Lodi family. Black People in Lodi? Marrying someone out of my race, wasn’t a total shock from my side of the family, my life wasContinue reading “My White Brother in Law*”

Going Green in Russia

Last week,  Los Angeles joined San Francisco and four dozen  California communities banning plastic shopping bags. Grocery store conglomerate X5 and French retailer Auchan have been rated the most environmentally conscious supermarket chains in Russia by Greenpeace, thanks to the companies’ pilot projects aimed at getting consumers to recycle. But Greenpeace’s main demand of having the supermarkets introduce divided trash bins for recyclables has goneContinue reading “Going Green in Russia”

City Critters

I’m a city boy, I’m comfortable in an urban environment . I need city noise,  the sounds of people yelling, talking loud with an occasions screech of tires is calming.    The complete silence of rural life keeps me awake.    Camping is an options as long as I have a good  phone signal and the campsite is not tooContinue reading “City Critters”

When you really,Really,REALLY Want a Sugah Daddy?

Come to San Francisco He’s 39, makes about $250,000 a year, and wants to spend $4,357 a month on you. Wealthy metropolitan men are increasingly adhering to a lifestyle that includes showering their wife or significant other with, well, everything expensive, says Brandon Wade of Seekingarrangement.com, a dating site that links sugar daddies with their sugarContinue reading “When you really,Really,REALLY Want a Sugah Daddy?”

“The best Soap Opera in San Francisco: The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 8) The Mayor say’s go!,The Sheriff say’s no!

Mayor Ed Lee asked Sheriff Mirkarimi to resign on Monday after his conviction of charge of false imprisonment for an incident involving his wife on New Year‘s Eve.    The Sheriff had until 4 pm yesterday to resign. The Sheriff said he would fight the official misconduct charge. “At this time I do not plan to resign,”Continue reading ““The best Soap Opera in San Francisco: The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 8) The Mayor say’s go!,The Sheriff say’s no!”

The Sheriff and the Soap Star Saga is coming to a dramatic end? Not a chance! (Part 7)

A few minutes ago San Francisco Mayor Mayor Ed Lee gave embattled San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  until 4pm today to resign or face an official misconduct charge and the possible forced removal from office. Mirkarimi was sentenced Monday to three years probation, a year’s worth of domestic violence intervention classes and other penalties for pleadingContinue reading “The Sheriff and the Soap Star Saga is coming to a dramatic end? Not a chance! (Part 7)”